Hello to all the soulful people out there, Hope you are doing well. Today’s topic is: Forgiveness !

It’s not a gesture but it is a state of mind. Usually we think, To say “It’s OK” is enough or to escape from the hurtful situation and staying busy with the day to day tasks is better to overcome the hurtful situations, annoying memories/person and we can deal with it later on. But we don’t realize that all the associated pain, anger, anxiety; resentment will remain the same or in fact will grow with the passage of time, in lack of proper attention and cure.

There is a misconception in our minds about forgiveness that it is for others or related to the person who hurt us, betrayed us, wronged us & so on. But the fact is–Forgiveness is majorly for us, for our well being. YES indeed!

You must be thinking how we can forgive those who gave us immense pain, left us broken, having ego & no signs of guilt, they don’t worth it etc. But here let me clarify forgiveness is not for their sake. We should forgive them for our sake. OK tell me what will happen to that person if we hold grudges and pain inside us? Nothing !That person won’t give a damn,Trust me. They will remain unaware or unchanged. So who will be the worst sufferer? It’s you & not them. Now an interesting question suddenly popped up in our mind that if it is not going to change that person or they won’t feel any shame or guilt about it then why should we forgive. HMMMM…Let me tell you the why’s:

1.Stress Reduction: To let go the past and by forgiving the person, you will be free from all the pain, grudges, bruises, bad memories associated with the person. But for this you have to forgive them by heart and not just with the words. It will soothe your mind and relax your stressed nerves.

2.Heart care: When we think about the person who annoyed us ,usually our heart rate increases, our heart gets tired & weak easily and it is not good for our health. So now if you will forget the past and forgive that person it will make your heart calm and normalize the heartbeat.

3.Peace of mind: We all are having soul and it gets uneasy with negative/low thoughts, vibes & gestures. By adopting forgiveness we can easily achieve the higher state of spirit, peace of mind because no longer the person or the memories will affect us.

4.Happiness: By holding the past we cannot live fully & freely. Forgiveness sets us free and moreover it changes our mood and makes us a happy person. We feel much lighter and energetic because now there is nothing which can suck our energy and upsets our mood.

5.Strong relations: When you make forgiveness a state of mind you will see noticeable changes in the behavior of people around you .It improves your image & respect in their hearts. Moreover it builds up strong and transparent relations with the people you are surrounded by.

6.Karmic account: Life is a boomerang. The person who is doing bad eventually will receive the fruit, you just stay out of it and do what you can do best for yourself and others. Our deeds, actions, words in short our karma, returns to us with astounding accuracy. Sooner or maybe later but it will comeback. Hence it is better to forgive people for their wrong doings as god is watching he will do the justice .We should forgive others for their sins and he (god) shall forgive us for ours.

To sum up I can only say forgiveness is a precious gift you will be giving to yourself. So forgive with an open heart and receive the blessings!

God Bless !




Life is Beautiful !

Hello to all the loving & beautiful people out there.Hope you are doing well.So today’s topic is about life.Yes life,we are just living it but not feeling it.

Life is beautiful !

You must be thinking Ahh what is beautiful about it,there is so much mess,finances arent going well,health sucks,people betrayed us,heart is broken,family isn’t supportive, promotion is stuck or given to anyone else,feeling alone etc but believe me these are just phases of life.Phases to make you a better & happy person.It consists of sad & happy moments, sorrows & joys,love & betrayal, loneliness & togetherness.This is what makes it beautiful,the experiences,the lessons & the strength we are getting day by day.

Let me tell you how it is wonderful & beautiful:

1 . It makes you learn & grow :  Think about the guitar,your struggle to play the cords,the cuts on your fingers while learning and playing but the end result is a mesmerising rhythm,a beautiful song.Isnt it makes you feel happy and of course a better musician.Life is like that,It will give you challanges, will make you sweat but it will help you in growing by all these experiences and hardships so that you can become a better you,a stronger you.

2 . It gives you patience: Life is just a small word but it’s gives you many rare & essential qualities like Patience. Our life consists of various stages : Teen,adults,oldies.At every stage there are so many issues and hurdles but while going through them we don’t give up.Infact we learn how to go through it and it gives us a unique quality that is patience and those who have patience knows it’s importance and grace.

3 . Feeling of Love : Love is amazing & beyond explanation. It is a wonderful feeling. When someone betrays us ,hurt us we feel low,we think that it’s an end.But no we still survive and you know why because that sad memory is associated with some specific person and that person gives us pain not love itself.Love is powerful & unconditional.It cannot hurt you.People are good or bad but love is pure.Cherish it if you have someone in your life who loves you no matter that person is your lover, your friend,your family,your pet and so on.Just close your eyes and think of it ,you will find many people in your life who are always there for you.Hence life gives you chances & people to feel the pleasure & happiness of being loved.

4 . Knowledge: Everyday we are getting knowledge from books,from people,from nature,from workshops etc and we are applying this knowledge for our good and for the benefit of others.In short we are getting knowledge & information from every living being & the sources made by these living beings.Isnt it wonderful.

5 . Relations & Togetherness : Man is asocial animal.We can’t live in isolation.From school to playground,from home to office,from friends to family we get to know the values and importance of relations & togetherness in our life. Remember those days when you were with frinds or in a family reunion.All these relations,fabulous and loving memories, are given by life.

At the end I can say life is a journey,people will come & go, you will face ups & downs,you ll come to know the difference of real & fake,You will see love & betrayals ,sorrows & joys but this journey will make you a unique person with priceless qualities,experiences and yes a good story teller for your grandchildren with lots of fascinating & amazing stories.

So cherish everyday of it because :

Life, indeed is beautiful”

Faith n Love