Trust Issues & How to overcome it.

We all have a past. There are good and bad memories associated with it. When the waves cross our mind, negative ones click more easily than positive. Lack of trust is one of them. Trust issues include being extra suspicious of other person’s motives and behavior towards you. You feel that others are taking some sort of advantage from you. Just because it has happened before and the scars are still there, You feel like now you can’t trust anyone.

You are scared of new pain so you Keep People at a distance. You may long for deep and committed relationships in your life but your past pulls you back again and again. Learning to fully trust again takes some serious efforts, time, and patience. Let’s go through some quick tips that can help you in dissolving this issue.

1. Have Patience: There is no overnight solution to any problem. I know you are bleeding from inside and have no courage for a new scratch. Take your time and be patient everything will fall into place.Time is a great healer after all.

2. Work on yourself: Pamper yourself, give yourself the long due attention and love. Treat yourself and your body well with meditation, exercise, yoga or some hobby of your interest. It will make you more confident and lifts up your mood.Try to make good memories often.

3. Know what you want: Don’t be in a rush of anything to overcome the past traumas. Sit peacefully and ask yourself what you want from your life and others around you. Don’t judge people because of your past relationships but have a check on what you feel about them and what they are doing to you .As not everyone around you is a robber.

4. Live in Present: I know the past haunts you every now and then. The scary thoughts crawl in your mind and makes you breathless and suffocated. Try to be in the present moment, because the past has gone, and right now no one is there to betray you. I am not saying that just lose yourself to anyone but open your eyes and look at what people actually do for you. Don’t ignore the signs you might ignored previously.

5. Communicate: After your trust got shaken it’s difficult to talk to people easily. But you have to communicate what you want and facing right now to the people who love you. They can support you or if you don’t want that they just can be there for you.

6. Forgive But Don’t Forget: Forgiveness is not for others but for our inner peace and sanity. Forgive the people or person who hurt you in the past and move on. Don’t let them come back and contact you because if they can hurt you once they can fool you again. Remember the lesson they taught you and don’t do it again.

In the end I just can say it takes time to rebuild the trust but you will become a better and stronger person. Just take care of that in the process of your healing don’t play with the feelings of anyone else.Because the person who is with you may not survive the pain and get into deep suffering like you.

God Bless!

Faith n Love


Author: rjfaithnlove

Hi .I am a simple & unique person like you. Not an expert but can give you a friendly suggestion so that you can face and overcome your day to day problems, and live a positive joyful life .You can mail me at my mail ID: whenever I get time I will respond. God bless !

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