When life gives you lemons…

We often listen that when life gives you lemons try to make lemonade. It’s easier said than done. Whenever a negative situation arrives in our life, be it heartbreak, loss of a close person, financial crises, family issues, etc. we find ourselves in a devastating state. We think that we will never come out of the pain we have or the situation we are facing. Anxiety, stress, breathlessness all start to appear. We feel even more drained and exhausted. Sometimes people feel that nothing is left in the world for them, nothing will ever be the same as it was before.

Yes, Indeed! Nothing will be the same. You will become a better and stronger person than before. Let me tell you, there is no magical way to solve the situation you are facing. Nothing like instant happiness will happen over the night. You have to face it. The sooner you accept the better it will progress. Here are some tips you can consider when you find yourself down and doomed.

  • 1. Be blank for a while: Yes I know it sounds crazy, but just for some time don’t think or do anything about the issue. Thoughts will come as they always do but let them be. They are just thoughts, not a real person standing in front of you and stabbing you. Once your mind is off the track, it will be relaxed and can think in the right way. Every machine needs a break for maintenance to work better and so does your mind.
  • 2. Have a dose of nature: Go into the woods or if you don’t have it nearby just go to some park. Have a good amount of sunlight and fresh air. These are the instant energizers. Take a water bottle with you, Sit somewhere and sip it slowly. You can walk barefoot if you feel like. Enjoy the natural bliss.
  • 3. Make a Routine: You must be busy with so many things-Work & Family related but remember it’s your pain, you are going through something. So you need a routine for yourself. Take a hobby class or just make a simple list you can do on daily basis like 5 minutes of meditation, exercise, Prayer, sketching, face cleanup, etc. I know it seems very negligible at first but once you start, you will feel good eventually because even if it’s small but it is for your only.
  • 4. Vent it: Don’t keep it inside you. Talk to a friend or someone close. If you think you are not comfortable in that then write a journal daily. No matter just 5 lines but write. It will help you to vent the pressure you are feeling inside. Another benefit is you can turn the pages and see how you progress during the period because every page says something.
  • 5. Trust the Process: Accept that it’s a negative time you are dealing with but it will be over eventually. Nothing stays forever. Indeed it is hurting right now and it will take some time to heal. During this time stand tall. Have faith in yourself, after all you are the only one standing with you since the beginning. You have gone through so many things in the past, you will do well this time too.

Once you are calm and refreshed, your mind and body will respond in a better way. You will start seeing things with a different perspective. Remember, hard times make you better and experienced.

So just breathe deeply and yes of course- MAKE A LEMONADE FOR YOURSELF 😉

God Bless!

Faith n Love,



Author: rjfaithnlove

Hi. I am a simple & unique person like you. Not an expert but can give you a friendly suggestion so that you can face and overcome your day-to-day problems, and live a positive joyful life. You can mail me at my mail ID: rj.faithnlove@gmail.com. Whenever I get time I will respond. God bless !

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