Places to visit near Delhi for an Independent Women-Working/Housemaker.

Hello Ladies! Having a busy daily schedule is what all we have nowadays. No matter you are a professional Damsel or a working at home Diva, you surely need some personal space and relaxation. Traveling is one of the most refreshing options we have to detoxify our mind, body, and soul. We often think that we need a company for traveling and yes, we require safety too. There are places we can go alone, with any friend/family and can have safe and joyful travel. Let’s have a look where an independent working woman or Housemaker can go near Delhi.



One of the ancient historic towns near Delhi is Neemrana – Alwar District, Rajasthan. Its Located at 122 km from Delhi and it will take between 2:30-3:00 hours to reach there. If you are from Gurgaon then you will be there in less than 2 hours. Neemrana is famous for its constructional and scenic beauty and is one of the top 5 tourist attractions for short-span travelers. Above all its safe for women as the localities are welcoming and helpful. Main attractions and activities in Neemrana are; Neemrana fort palace where you can stay and enjoy the royal atmosphere, ZIP lining if you are adventure seeker, Baori, Sariska National park, Bala Qila or Alwar Fort, City Palace, Siliserh Lake for magnificent scenery. Though Neemrana has soothing weather and refreshing monsoons yet the best time to visit here is between September to March. Visit and enjoy the Heritage Properties.



Also called as the Yoga capital of India, Rishikesh is famous among adventure mongers as well as peace seekers. Its situated 252 km from Delhi in Uttarakhand and will take approx 6 hours to reach there. You will witness marvelous scenic beauty as well as spiritual bliss. You can visit temples, Laxman Jhoola, Ram Jhoola.Visit markets to see the liveliness of the city or sit down at the banks of Ganges to watch the Maha Aartis or to explore the soul within you. A lot of foreigners visit here for adventure sports and yoga/meditation classes every year. You can also enjoy River rafting, bungee jumping, cliff jumping, white water rafting. Enjoy tasty food and special lassi at local Cafes like Choti Wala & others near Laxman Jhoola. You can stay at a Dharamshala or Hotel as per your choice and budget. Best time to visit here is in summers.



The City of love, Agra is located in the Banks of River Yamuna in Uttar Pradesh (UP). Take the expressway and you will reach there in approx 3:30 hours as its 233 km from Delhi. It is the city where you will find the symbol of true love and one of the 7 wonders of the world, The Great TAJ MAHAL. Not only this you can also visit Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Fort, Jama Masjid, Mehtab Bagh, Anguri Bagh, Chini ka Rauza, Taj museum to see our historical structures. Enjoy the city food at local Dhabas as they serve much better food than the local hotels or cafes with artificial ratings on Google. You can shop from the local markets & Govt. establish markets-Meena Bazar near the entry gate of Taj Mahal. Where you will find Handmade sarees and blankets made of Banana, Bamboo leaves & other organic stuff. If you have a sweet tooth don’t forget to buy Petha sweet from the famous Panchhi Petha store which you will find easily once you enter Agra. Please confirm the timings for Taj Mahal before planning your visit. You can visit here any month.



The Pink City also known as the capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur offers you the ROYAL FEEL of India. Distance from Delhi is 288 km and you will find yourself here within 5-6 hours. It’s a city for people of multiple interests; Cultural vultures, History lovers, Foodies. Activities to enjoy at Jaipur are; Cycling, Jeep Safari, Hot air balloon ride, ATV Ride, Paintball, ZIP Lining, Zorbing and much more. Its famous for forts hence main places to visit are; Amer Fort, Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal, Nahargarh Fort, Chandra Mahal, Jantar Mantar, monkey temple etc. Wax museum is one of the main attractions for tourists as it’s a stupendous experience to visit the first wax museum in the world with 32 iconic personalities made with silicon. You will cherish authentic and fine cuisine of Rajasthan here like Gatta Curry, Daal Bati churma, Pyaz ki kachauri, Mava kachauri, Ghevar and will experience the volcano of flavours oozing. Yummy, isn’t it. You can also enjoy shopping in local markets for handmade items, famous Jaipuri dupattas and Bedsheets etc. You can make your stay in one of the Economy hotels or the luxurious palace cum hotels like Taj-Jai Mahal Palace Etc.



Also known as Queen of Hills, Mussoorie is for mountain lovers, who seek calmness and want to enjoy natural bliss. Located in Uttarakhand, 279 km from Delhi and takes 6: 30 hours to reach. Before entering Mussoorie you will know automatically that you are near it as you will see lush greens and high-top mountains on the way. Best time to travel here is in summers. There are so many places to visit like: Kempty fall, Bhatta falls, Jharipani falls, Lal tibba, Lake Mist, Cloud’s end, Nag Tibba, Gun Hill, Mall Road, Jwala Devi Temple. You can enjoy shopping at Mall road, Mussoorie bazaar .Enjoy the Chinese food at Kalsang or Doma’s over there. If you are looking for adventure you may go for Trekking, Rock climbing, Rappelling, white water rafting, and paragliding. All in all, it’s good if you want to roam in the streets or just stand at the hotel balcony and watch the beauty, nature provides for your eyes.

All these places are safe and enjoyable. You can drive your car or can travel from Bus or Train. It is suggested that you book your hotel in advance to avoid last minute nuisance or unavailability. Take a break from your busy life and give yourself a treat because- Woman, You worth it.

Faith n Love



A Successful Housewife.

Hi Friends. Today’s article is dedicated to all the current, former and going to be – Housewives.No matter in which stage you are, you definitely deserve a Salute!

Being a housewife needs a lot of patience, willpower, courage, and BRAVERY. Of course, it needs bravery to work day & night without any compensation. There is a common slang for Housewives that “ what you do all the day despite sitting at home and doing nothing much.”

OH Hello, That’s total bullshit don’t dwell on that okay. But sometimes we tend to get depressed, overburdened and start feeling like we have no respect in outer society because we don’t earn money. Well, my dears you are thinking just the opposite because if there is no Housewife then there is no House Life.

Let’s know how to be a successful housewife:

1. Stop Complaining: Just stop whining about your current situation that you are too tired, too stressed, too blah blah. It was your choice to get married or have a child and it’s your duty to take care of the house and the kid. Stop complaining over the things you liked to do once. Instead be happy that you have the opportunity and capability to grow your family and manage your house.

2. Be Proud: You shouldn’t be ashamed that you are not earning money instead you should be proud that you are turning a house into a home. You are raising your kids with a loving and nurturing attitude. It doesn’t matter how much efficient nanny you have for your kid but no one can raise your child better than you. You are doing a great job by serving elders, taking care of your partner. Remember, only women with a loving and caring attitude can make a house worth living.

3. Make Over: You are a house wife and it doesn’t mean that you don’t need any makeup. There is no good in doing household chores all day and do nothing about your looks. Oh yeah, you will say I don’t get time for all this but if you have time to mop the floor then you should have time to wipe your face. Housewifing doesn’t mean you are an old stock and okay in the storage room. You are alive so you need to groom to Feel & Look alive. Take regular makeover sessions and stay rejuvenated.

4. Intimacy: Personal life shouldn’t be compromised in any case. No matter what responsibilities you have towards your home and children, you & your husband deserves those intimate moments and loving talks. Work shouldn’t be the excuse for not enjoying your WE time. Make time for your marital bliss and stay connected always for a Happy Married life.

5. Me Time: You deserve time for your self. Bedsheets aren’t washed, clothes aren’t ironed, the maid is on leave. SO? Do you feel sorry about taking a break? No, you should not. You aren’t a machine oops machines too needs a break for repair. I guess now you get my point. Take care of your self, give your self some treat, a good spa, new hairdo, shopping, movie, Develop a new hobby. Do whatever makes you happy. Spend some time with yourself as it’s necessary to shred stress and stay motivated.

6. Kitchen Queen: Take care of what is being cooked, no matter who is cooking in there. To maintain the family health just the tasty food isn’t enough. You need to take care of the nutrition value. Try new healthy recipes every now and then. Serve differently, use new era serving dishes & cutlery. Not only this will make you a Supermom but also a kitchen Queen.

7. Catch up with your girlfriends: Meet your friends, share your feelings or issues with your besties and take relevant advice. You can also share new recipes and interior ideas. Go for movies or shopping, spend quality time with your friends. This will make you feel refreshed, motivated and social.

8. Know your value: No matter what people say, you are the best judge for your doings. Stay motivated by giving yourself rewards like a new dress or a new dish, whatever you like. Just know you are doing your best, giving a valuable contribution to your family and most of all you are the BOSS and you need no approval for your great work.

Good Luck Ladies!

God Bless.

Faith n Love



Hey Guys! Here I am with another topic, Wanted badly to share it with all of you.


Man is a social animal… the woman 😉 Well, yes we all have to interact socially to gain so many things in life. Be it emotional support, financial benefits, acceptance/reputation in society, mental and physical health and more. To maintain this we have to pretend a little…OH! no no no A LOT for it. My point here is just “ BE YOU”

I  know you must be thinking that it is not possible in today’s world where everybody has so many faces. There are so many obligations, responsibilities, necessities and blah blah blah which makes us -LESS OF US. But are we really happy & satisfied or are they totally happy with us for whom we are pretending? I guess the mouth is shut now, Isn’t it?

People are not going to be happy with you all the time and also there is no need to do it. I am not asking you to yell at your boss or shout in your house or disrespect/hurt anyone. I am just saying to Be yourself, Be true to yourself and others. If something is beyond your limits then speak up rather than torturing yourself in order to achieve it. If someone is bothering you or pushing your limits, talk to them straight for yourself.

To maintain your inner peace and wellbeing just stay good to you. Do you remember when was the last time you did things just for yourself? Long pause—Hmmm. Not to worry just do it today. Do whatever makes you relaxed and sane. Make yourself happy first. Remember one thing- life never stops for anyone it’s just we who stop living.

Love you all.


God Bless!

Faith n Love




Every morning we wake up and start thinking about what we will do today or start getting ready for work. We always think what will we do but we never think how it will be done or how to improve our energy to start afresh with this new day.

Give yourself a minute before doing anything as you wake up. Think of something good, a positive affirmation, a confident and motivating self-talk would be nice to start your day. Not only it will give you a kick start for the day but also will give you a strong reason to work hard for the rest of the day to achieve your day task as well as long-term goals.

Think of it!

List of morning affirmations will be available in our next post. Till then Stay Happy Stay Healthy.

Faith n Love


Karma is the Answer!

We are living in a modern world, doing rational things but sometimes we think what will happen in the future. We got scared and we keep on searching the answer in our mind, mentors, Gurus, Google too 😉 But the answer is simple, It is your Karma.what you have done in past years or past life and what are you doing in present will happen to you in Future.

What will you SOW so shall you REAP!

Do good and prepare for the future with faith and kind heart

God Bless!

Faith n Love


Safety of your school going child! 

Hi everyone. The topic I am going to present is of utmost importance for parents who have school going  children. Now a days every parent is busy, being in business, Job, household chores. They can not keep an eye on children day & night. Especially when they are outside the home or you can say going to school.

You cannot be with your child all the time but you can take some safety actions to keep your child safe & secure.Some tips are as below:

1.    Get to know the school transport system:  If your child is going through school vehicle (van, bus)then you must know the time of pick and drop, vehicle number,  driver’s name and emergency contact number of school/ transport in charge etc.

2.    Instructions to School:You should give clear instructions to the school that who will be coming to school to pick up your kid, in case you are not using school van. If someone is going to school to pick up the child and not you, then contact the school or class teacher in advance to give the information about the person.

3.   Emergency Contact Number: Always give your all time available phone number to the school/transport in charge/class teacher so that they can contact you immediately in case of an emergency. You can also put your Address and contact number slip in the pocket or bag of your child so that they can contact you directly or someone else can for them .

4. Talk to your child : Talk to your kid in person about their safety. Tell them not to take anything from strangers and never go with them. In case they feel uncomfortable with any thing they should talk to class teacher in case they are in school or call the parents. 

5.   Password Protect : Password, I guess you very much know about this word Right!  Now a password can protect your kid too, apart from your phone. HAHA! Always give a password to your child if someone is coming to pick them apart from you. Your child will ask the password to that person.  If it will match then only the kid will go with them. You cannot give your child a mobile phone but you can surely give the password. Isn’t it a good idea.

I hope now you understood the simple points which can be very helpful for your child’s safety.

God Bless

Faith n Love, 

R. J




Don’t take it personally! 

Hey! Everyone.Hope you are doing fine. Yes, I could have written GREAT but I mentioned fine because Great can be a shortterm or a bit hard to manage thing but Fine is way easier.

In our day to day life, we meet or stay with a lot of people. They can be your friends, colleagues, family, relatives, customers, students etc. Some of them ask and some give advise. Somebody will judge you another can blame you or belittle you. Very few and close people are there to motivate you.

From all those who spread negativity or say bad words, you cannot avoid few or a larger group because of a number of reasons (career, Job, Relations, Respect, fear etc). I know you must be thinking that yes we cannot avoid and have to listen/bear but how to deal with it as we get stressed,  irritated, insane, depressed, sad because of this. Let me tell you why and how to deal with these people/situation:

  1. It’s not you, It’s them: Yes, most of the time when people shower you with harsh words/ behavior, they themselves are struggling with some inner issue they aren’t capable to cope up. I am not saying that you should ignore everyone and live as you living but if  unnecessarily someone is giving you pain don’t take them seriously because it’s not  necessary  that they are giving you advice or scolding you for your wrongdoing, its more likely they are digging in their own shit and unable to face their incompetence.
  2. Grab the Good: No matter who is the person, friend or enemy, saying sweetly or badly just Grab the good piece of advice/ suggestion/ idea from them and use it for your own good. Everything/Everyone can inspire you. It’s up to you whether you see the storm or the rain. So you don’t need to absorb all the conversation with them but just the good part which can help you to grow and make you calm/happy.
  3. Ignorance is better sometimes: We often listen to people, read it on social media /print media that we should face the problems but I guess not every battle is worth fighting for. Simply ignore if the matter is not too big/important. Just listen and ignore as if you don’t bother.
  4. Forgive: Yeah Yeah, I know we aren’t saints 😉 But actually forgiveness isn’t for them it’s for our own peace of mind. By forgiving others we give up on thinking of the same person or matter again and again and it makes us calm and is good for our sanity. I am not saying to forgive and be friendly with those people, just forgive and forget.
  5. Mind your own business: Don’t keep on thinking who is saying what. Just focus on your own health,  own growth,  own family,  own career. In short Mind your own business. By concentrating on your personal growth, you must be less likely to think of others. Do your own work and think of YOU rather than others.
  6. Keep Calm: If someone is arguing, shouting just leave that place for a while and go in the fresh air and if it is not possible to go anywhere then just say OK to finish the same. Don’t argue or criticize because if you are doing the same, you will make them more energetic to fight further, As you know arguments feeds the fury. Saying okay doesn’t mean that they are right and you are wrong on the contrary it means you can not go down to their level.

All in all I want to say, not everyone advises you wrong or scold you for your bad. We do have family and close friends who did the same but for our good/benefit/growth.The point is, do not take criticism from everyone and punish your self and your sanity.

Be open-minded,  Be calm!

God Bless!

Faith n Love