Smothering Kills Relations.

Hey There, I hope you are doing fine. Let’s talk about relationships, we all have them. No matter they are friends, family, colleagues, or boyfriend/ girlfriend, etc. We care for them and we want to make them happy and secure anyhow. We do everything we possibly can to prevent any harm to them. But in this process sometimes we forget that they aren’t kids. In fact, in today’s world kids don’t want smothering.

Over pampering hampers the growth of any relation. What you do for your loved ones as a gesture of love may not be cherished by them at all. Every person needs their own space and freedom to do anything they want, be with anyone they want. Don’t force yourself on anyone. I am not saying that be careless and stop loving, Do what you feel right for them and then let it be.

We often complain that we love them so much but they never understand or respect us. Remember that love and respect can’t be begged. It comes naturally from the people around you. Often the person we are attached to is not necessarily angry on us or ignoring us it’s just that they feel smothered and suffocated with our excessive care. They start to see us as insecure & controlling people and believe me no one wants that kind of person in their lives. Whether they are your friends or your spouse don’t overflow your love and pampering on them. Let them grow on their own, let them be free. Meanwhile, do things that makes you happy (apart from being with them all the time or keep checking on them), focus on your personal growth. This will allow them to see the good in you and of course, you will feel more confident and less clingy.

Omit to force anything to anyone as it will push them away from you. If you truly love someone just be there for them and show a moderate amount of care that’s all. Excess of everything is bad is a well known saying and it’s true in case of love as well. Do your best and set them free, if they truly care for you they will eventually come closer and if they don’t then let them go, they were never yours. Respect yourself and other’s space that’s what matters actually and is essential for the growth of any relation.

God Bless!

Faith n Love



Author: rjfaithnlove

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