DMIT & Its Benefits.


Dermatoglyphics is a proven scientific study of human fingerprints. With the use of this, a trained & qualified practitioner can study many details about an individual including his or her personality traits, Learning styles, personality type, the activity of the right & left sides of the brain, including inborn talents & strengths. The full form of DMIT is Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test .and is a methodically proven method of studying inborn talents, skills, intelligence, the potential of a human being.

What are the benefits of the DMIT test?

DMIT has enormous benefits to offer. Very few people are aware of DMIT & If you are one of them then please have a look at some of its benefits that surely can help you.

-For children, it is an excellent tool to know their inborn talents, innate abilities, Right & left-brain activity, and what their overall potentials are, they can then more effectively motivated and directed towards the best area of study and career.

-When the DMIT Test is used as a parenting tool, it helps in parents bonding with their children, nurturing them better, providing more love, care, and compassion.

Teachers can also be benefited from this. It measures the child’s IQ, Best learning style, and interests so that it can be used for individual growth. Teachers can also teach them empathy, emotional balance, and kindness as per their personality type and traits.

-For Working Professionals, It can determine- Inbuilt talents, character strengths, left or right brain dominance, and personality traits. This is very helpful information and can be used for career counseling, fostering leadership and managerial styles, filling desired abilities, and required skills to gain a certain position in career.

Adults can have Relationship advice with the help of the DMIT report as it describes one’s nature, attitude, personality type, character traits. You can know a person’s true self, what motivates or demotivates them, and work on the betterment of the relationship. Anyone can use it, Husband-wife, Child-Parent, Teacher-Student, etc.

Apart from the above, you can also check as under:

  • With the help of DMIT, you can understand the different parts/lobes of the brain & their functions.
  • DMIT helps in understanding the different domains of your brain and check if they are over and under-utilized.
  • This can also identify the strengths and weaknesses of a particular person.
  • You can know about the different personality traits of a human being through DMIT.
  • This helps save the energy and time of a child/person which is mostly wasted in learning nonbeneficial courses and subjects due to wrong or misdirection.
  • You can customize the child’s learning style so that he /she can learn better.
  • Anyone can have benefited from this regardless of age and gender.
  • It helps you in building confidence and strength.
  • You can understand a person better with DMIT test report so you don’t have to face a tough time in maintaining relationships.

Hope this will help you in making the future of your child Bright, Solve your relationship issues and Grow your career.

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