When life gives you lemons…

We often listen that when life gives you lemons try to make lemonade. It’s easier said than done. Whenever a negative situation arrives in our life, be it heartbreak, loss of a close person, financial crises, family issues, etc. we find ourselves in a devastating state. We think that we will never come out of the pain we have or the situation we are facing. Anxiety, stress, breathlessness all start to appear. We feel even more drained and exhausted. Sometimes people feel that nothing is left in the world for them, nothing will ever be the same as it was before.

Yes, Indeed! Nothing will be the same. You will become a better and stronger person than before. Let me tell you, there is no magical way to solve the situation you are facing. Nothing like instant happiness will happen over the night. You have to face it. The sooner you accept the better it will progress. Here are some tips you can consider when you find yourself down and doomed.

  • 1. Be blank for a while: Yes I know it sounds crazy, but just for some time don’t think or do anything about the issue. Thoughts will come as they always do but let them be. They are just thoughts, not a real person standing in front of you and stabbing you. Once your mind is off the track, it will be relaxed and can think in the right way. Every machine needs a break for maintenance to work better and so does your mind.
  • 2. Have a dose of nature: Go into the woods or if you don’t have it nearby just go to some park. Have a good amount of sunlight and fresh air. These are the instant energizers. Take a water bottle with you, Sit somewhere and sip it slowly. You can walk barefoot if you feel like. Enjoy the natural bliss.
  • 3. Make a Routine: You must be busy with so many things-Work & Family related but remember it’s your pain, you are going through something. So you need a routine for yourself. Take a hobby class or just make a simple list you can do on daily basis like 5 minutes of meditation, exercise, Prayer, sketching, face cleanup, etc. I know it seems very negligible at first but once you start, you will feel good eventually because even if it’s small but it is for your only.
  • 4. Vent it: Don’t keep it inside you. Talk to a friend or someone close. If you think you are not comfortable in that then write a journal daily. No matter just 5 lines but write. It will help you to vent the pressure you are feeling inside. Another benefit is you can turn the pages and see how you progress during the period because every page says something.
  • 5. Trust the Process: Accept that it’s a negative time you are dealing with but it will be over eventually. Nothing stays forever. Indeed it is hurting right now and it will take some time to heal. During this time stand tall. Have faith in yourself, after all you are the only one standing with you since the beginning. You have gone through so many things in the past, you will do well this time too.

Once you are calm and refreshed, your mind and body will respond in a better way. You will start seeing things with a different perspective. Remember, hard times make you better and experienced.

So just breathe deeply and yes of course- MAKE A LEMONADE FOR YOURSELF 😉

God Bless!

Faith n Love,


Smothering Kills Relations.

Hey There, I hope you are doing fine. Let’s talk about relationships, we all have them. No matter they are friends, family, colleagues, or boyfriend/ girlfriend, etc. We care for them and we want to make them happy and secure anyhow. We do everything we possibly can to prevent any harm to them. But in this process sometimes we forget that they aren’t kids. In fact, in today’s world kids don’t want smothering.

Over pampering hampers the growth of any relation. What you do for your loved ones as a gesture of love may not be cherished by them at all. Every person needs their own space and freedom to do anything they want, be with anyone they want. Don’t force yourself on anyone. I am not saying that be careless and stop loving, Do what you feel right for them and then let it be.

We often complain that we love them so much but they never understand or respect us. Remember that love and respect can’t be begged. It comes naturally from the people around you. Often the person we are attached to is not necessarily angry on us or ignoring us it’s just that they feel smothered and suffocated with our excessive care. They start to see us as insecure & controlling people and believe me no one wants that kind of person in their lives. Whether they are your friends or your spouse don’t overflow your love and pampering on them. Let them grow on their own, let them be free. Meanwhile, do things that makes you happy (apart from being with them all the time or keep checking on them), focus on your personal growth. This will allow them to see the good in you and of course, you will feel more confident and less clingy.

Omit to force anything to anyone as it will push them away from you. If you truly love someone just be there for them and show a moderate amount of care that’s all. Excess of everything is bad is a well known saying and it’s true in case of love as well. Do your best and set them free, if they truly care for you they will eventually come closer and if they don’t then let them go, they were never yours. Respect yourself and other’s space that’s what matters actually and is essential for the growth of any relation.

God Bless!

Faith n Love


Depression & Help.

Hi Guys, I hope you are safe and secure. In this pandemic so many things have changed, our daily routine, our working style, transportation, and so on. We are concerned about our safety & Jobs etc. But the alarming things we are facing are stress and depression. We are so much busy in our lives that we hardly take care of our body and moreover we don’t think stress is something huge. Oh yeah, there are so many things to do and to be taken care of so stress is natural, isn’t it? Nope! Stress isn’t normal, Depression is an illness to be treated quickly like other body ailments. If someone in our family or friends is talking to us about their heartbreak or financial loss or personal & family issues, we often tell them that Oh! you are exaggerating so much, it’s nothing, don’t think much and so on. Stop there, you never know how much pain and pressure they are facing and what self-destructive thoughts are churning in their mind. If you can’t resolve their issue just listen to it so that they can vent out and if that’s too much for you then take them to have medical help asap.

Anxiety, Stress, Hypertension, or depression all are serious matters. Don’t take it lightly, It’s not something to ignore. It’s a whirlpool of suffering where you go deeper and deeper. If it becomes dangerous you can be lost and numb. The good news is you can recover from it, no matter how hard it is.

Let’s take an example, suppose you are holding a glass full of water, How much heavy it can be? You will say it can be the 8 ounces, 10,20 ounces, etc. No, it depends on how long you hold the heavy glass. If you hold it for 15 min your arm will ache, if you hold it for 3 hours your arm will be numb but if you hold if for a day your whole body will collapse. Same is with stress, don’t hold it, Drop the Glass.

You can take these helpful measures to get rid of depression :

1. Talk to your loved ones and if they are busy or you can’t share it with them talk to strangers, just vent out your pent up emotions for that particular moment. Don’t stay alone and keep on thinking.

2. Love yourself, do exercise, yoga, meditation, or whatever you like so that thoughts won’t penetrate your entire day. I know you are not in a condition to do fancy things but just make a daily routine, move your body don’t sit and sulk.

3. Don’t panic and don’t give up. Never think of self-harm or suicide. Killing yourself is no solution to your miseries. It will just shift from you to your parents and family. I really hope you are not that stone-hearted person to push them in endless pain.

4. Seek the help of professionals, it’s not a matter of shame. Depression is like all other diseases, need to be treated properly and progressively. If no one is around you just step up and go for yourself.

I would like to request all of you don’t take the mental health of yours, your family & friends for granted by saying it’s nothing much. Help them and if it’s you then with no shame in mind reach out for help.

Remember that you are not alone in this. Whatever you are dealing with right now can be resolved. No matter if it could be changing your life and patterns completely. People are out there to help you and always believe that there is HOPE.

God Bless!

Faith n Love


Trust Issues & How to overcome it.

We all have a past. There are good and bad memories associated with it. When the waves cross our mind, negative ones click more easily than positive. Lack of trust is one of them. Trust issues include being extra suspicious of other person’s motives and behavior towards you. You feel that others are taking some sort of advantage from you. Just because it has happened before and the scars are still there, You feel like now you can’t trust anyone.

You are scared of new pain so you Keep People at a distance. You may long for deep and committed relationships in your life but your past pulls you back again and again. Learning to fully trust again takes some serious efforts, time, and patience. Let’s go through some quick tips that can help you in dissolving this issue.

1. Have Patience: There is no overnight solution to any problem. I know you are bleeding from inside and have no courage for a new scratch. Take your time and be patient everything will fall into place.Time is a great healer after all.

2. Work on yourself: Pamper yourself, give yourself the long due attention and love. Treat yourself and your body well with meditation, exercise, yoga or some hobby of your interest. It will make you more confident and lifts up your mood.Try to make good memories often.

3. Know what you want: Don’t be in a rush of anything to overcome the past traumas. Sit peacefully and ask yourself what you want from your life and others around you. Don’t judge people because of your past relationships but have a check on what you feel about them and what they are doing to you .As not everyone around you is a robber.

4. Live in Present: I know the past haunts you every now and then. The scary thoughts crawl in your mind and makes you breathless and suffocated. Try to be in the present moment, because the past has gone, and right now no one is there to betray you. I am not saying that just lose yourself to anyone but open your eyes and look at what people actually do for you. Don’t ignore the signs you might ignored previously.

5. Communicate: After your trust got shaken it’s difficult to talk to people easily. But you have to communicate what you want and facing right now to the people who love you. They can support you or if you don’t want that they just can be there for you.

6. Forgive But Don’t Forget: Forgiveness is not for others but for our inner peace and sanity. Forgive the people or person who hurt you in the past and move on. Don’t let them come back and contact you because if they can hurt you once they can fool you again. Remember the lesson they taught you and don’t do it again.

In the end I just can say it takes time to rebuild the trust but you will become a better and stronger person. Just take care of that in the process of your healing don’t play with the feelings of anyone else.Because the person who is with you may not survive the pain and get into deep suffering like you.

God Bless!

Faith n Love


Soul Searching.

Soul searching actually means analyzing how you are feeling and what is of utmost importance to you. Diving deep into your thoughts is only possible by spending more time with you and minimizing the distractions around you. In simple words, it’s the desire to see more deeply for the meaning of your life.In order to do soul searching, find a suitable time and a quiet place.

Most of us get involved in soul searching when life throws lemons to us or we seem out of sync, or when we experience negative feelings towards our family, career, or relationships. In my opinion, the idea of nourishing your soul should be an important regular exercise to be done by everyone.
Let’s have a look at the ways to search your soul :

  1. Me Time: I know you are very busy in your daily routine but you have to dedicate some time to yourself in order to nourish your within.
  2. Away from Gadgets: We are becoming slaves of materialistic things. In order to refresh your soul put your mobile, other gadgets, and apps on off mode for some time in order to make space for your thoughtful work.
  3. Disconnect from Social media: Talk to real people and get to know them, share experiences with each other rather than being clingy on social media and wasting your energy and time.
  4. Have a Hobby: Do what you actually like, I know we have to take jobs for our livelihood which we don’t like. But still, you can start a hobby of your choice to maintain your mental peace and sanity. Music, Painting, Writing whatever you choose as per your interest will help in strengthening you’re within.
  5. Meditate: Meditation is the simplest thing you can do to dive deep into your innermost thoughts. A simple breathing meditation helps you to stay focused and think straight. I hope all these things will help you to be YOU.

God Bless & Stay Happy.

Faith n Love


DMIT & Its Benefits.


Dermatoglyphics is a proven scientific study of human fingerprints. With the use of this, a trained & qualified practitioner can study many details about an individual including his or her personality traits, Learning styles, personality type, the activity of the right & left sides of the brain, including inborn talents & strengths. The full form of DMIT is Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test .and is a methodically proven method of studying inborn talents, skills, intelligence, the potential of a human being.

What are the benefits of the DMIT test?

DMIT has enormous benefits to offer. Very few people are aware of DMIT & If you are one of them then please have a look at some of its benefits that surely can help you.

-For children, it is an excellent tool to know their inborn talents, innate abilities, Right & left-brain activity, and what their overall potentials are, they can then more effectively motivated and directed towards the best area of study and career.

-When the DMIT Test is used as a parenting tool, it helps in parents bonding with their children, nurturing them better, providing more love, care, and compassion.

Teachers can also be benefited from this. It measures the child’s IQ, Best learning style, and interests so that it can be used for individual growth. Teachers can also teach them empathy, emotional balance, and kindness as per their personality type and traits.

-For Working Professionals, It can determine- Inbuilt talents, character strengths, left or right brain dominance, and personality traits. This is very helpful information and can be used for career counseling, fostering leadership and managerial styles, filling desired abilities, and required skills to gain a certain position in career.

Adults can have Relationship advice with the help of the DMIT report as it describes one’s nature, attitude, personality type, character traits. You can know a person’s true self, what motivates or demotivates them, and work on the betterment of the relationship. Anyone can use it, Husband-wife, Child-Parent, Teacher-Student, etc.

Apart from the above, you can also check as under:

  • With the help of DMIT, you can understand the different parts/lobes of the brain & their functions.
  • DMIT helps in understanding the different domains of your brain and check if they are over and under-utilized.
  • This can also identify the strengths and weaknesses of a particular person.
  • You can know about the different personality traits of a human being through DMIT.
  • This helps save the energy and time of a child/person which is mostly wasted in learning nonbeneficial courses and subjects due to wrong or misdirection.
  • You can customize the child’s learning style so that he /she can learn better.
  • Anyone can have benefited from this regardless of age and gender.
  • It helps you in building confidence and strength.
  • You can understand a person better with DMIT test report so you don’t have to face a tough time in maintaining relationships.

Hope this will help you in making the future of your child Bright, Solve your relationship issues and Grow your career.

Faith n Love


Reiki & Its Benefits


Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation and stress reduction that also promotes body and mind healing. It is performed by placing hands over the body and some times from a distance. It is a life force energy that flows through us. If someone’s “life force energy” is low, then they will feel sick or stressed, and if it is high then they will experience happiness and healthy life.

The word Reiki consists of two Japanese words – Rei which means -Higher Power and Ki means -life force energy. So Reiki is – life force energy guided and provided by the higher power (God).

Benefits of Reiki

There are so many astonishing benefits of Reiki. Reiki is a very gentle yet powerful process. The intent of Reiki is not only to support the physical health, but also to develop & promote a positive mind so that you can experience an abundance of happiness and joy in your life. Reiki helps in balancing energy levels, managing the stress of daily life or sudden transitions happens in life. It develops spirituality, harmony & a greater sense of meaning in life.After the Reiki treatment people feel calm & relaxed, also they feel energetic, happy, clear-minded and productive. Reiki can help to cope better with a wide range of conditions such as anxiety, stress, depression, fears, chronic pain, etc.

Have a Look, how it is beneficial:

1. Deep relaxation & Stress Release:

Reiki allows the person to stay calm by just BEING and not doing. People feel more peaceful, calm, clear, relaxed and lighter in themselves. Reiki grants a space where you can be aware of what is happening inside your mind and body. It provides you deep relaxation and helps in releasing the stress.

2. Diffuse energy blocks:

Reiki clears the energy blocks within you it helps in balancing the Chakras in you. The energy balance enhances learning, Focus, and clarity. Reiki heals mental & emotional wounds, fear, frustration and anger and helps in alleviating mood swings.It boosts your sense of love and affiliation so that you can be open up to the people around you. It helps your relationships to grow stronger.

3. Promotes Harmony:

Reiki energy helps in promoting harmony and balance. It is an effective, non-invasive healing technique that boosts the body’s natural ability to healing and promotes overall wellness. Reiki works profoundly on restoring the energy balance on all levels and works directly on the problem.

4. Body cleansing:

Reiki helps you with body cleansing and releasing the toxins from your whole internal system.We are so much stressed nowadays that it’s becoming a natural thing for us and our bodies forget how to clean itself and returns to its natural self. Reiki reminds our bodies how to shift it selves into self-healing mode.The more you are involved in this the more you can be active and productive without being stressed and burnt-out.

5. Spiritual Well being:

You do not have to be into dense spirituality to enjoy the experiences of reiki. Yet, it helps in spiritual growth & inner development. Reiki addresses your whole persona, rather than focusing on one’s symptoms. It grows your intuitions as well. Suddenly, you start seeing the situation from a fresh perspective and can deal with it peacefully.

6. Aids better sleep:

Reiki provides relaxation and when we’re relaxed, we sleep better. People feel deep relaxation during their Reiki session and sometimes a deep sleep as well. You can regularly practice the same before going to bed.

7. More Focus:

Reiki helps you in staying centered in the present moment rather than diving into Past regrets or future anxieties. It can strengthen your ability to accept the current situation and work as the events are unfolding themselves in front of you. You will begin to feel more focused and grounded.

8. You can learn Reiki yourself:

Reiki is for everyone! You learn reiki by attending Reiki Classes, Mostly Level 1 & 2 is enough if you want to heal yourself and your family. These levels clear your basics and attune you for self-healing. You can do it regularly.

9. Pain reliever:

On the outside, Reiki might appear to be merely an array of hand movements but it’s huge than it appears to be. It enhances your body’s vital functions such as breathing, digesting, fighting with diseases and sleeping. Reiki helps to relieve pain from headaches, body aches, migraine, and arthritis just to name a few. It also helps asthma, fatigue, insomnia, etc.

10. Compliments medical treatments:

Reiki is an effective complement to conventional medical techniques and medicines. When a patient is calm & relaxed the healing process automatically accelerates. Reiki is noninvasive and the practitioner can give Reiki without touching the body in cases of major injuries. Reiki is safe to use in medical conditions such as diabetes or heart conditions. One can also receive Reiki healing if they are undergoing chemotherapy. Pregnant ladies can also have Reiki therapy to get support throughout the stages of pregnancy.


Have Faith and Enjoy the Bliss of Reiki !

Faith n Love


Places to visit near Delhi for an Independent Women-Working/Housemaker.

Hello Ladies! Having a busy daily schedule is what we have nowadays. No matter you are a professional Damsel or a working at home Diva, you surely need some personal space and relaxation. Traveling is one of the most refreshing options we have to detoxify our mind, body, and soul. We often think that we need a company for traveling and yes, we require safety too. There are places we can go alone, with any friend/family and can have safe and joyful travel. Let’s have a look where an independent working woman or Housemaker can go near Delhi.



One of the ancient historic towns near Delhi is Neemrana – Alwar District, Rajasthan. Its located at 122 km from Delhi and it will take between 2:30-3:00 hours to reach there. If you are from Gurgaon then you will be there in less than 2 hours. Neemrana is famous for its constructional and scenic beauty and is one of the top 5 tourist attractions for short-span travelers. Above all its safe for women as the localities are welcoming and helpful. Main attractions and activities in Neemrana are; Neemrana fort palace where you can stay and enjoy the royal atmosphere, ZIP lining if you are adventure seeker, Baori, Sariska National park, Bala Qila or Alwar Fort, City Palace, Siliserh Lake for magnificent scenery. Though Neemrana has soothing weather and refreshing monsoons yet the best time to visit here is between September to March. Visit and enjoy the Heritage Properties.



Also called as the Yoga capital of India, Rishikesh is famous among adventure mongers as well as peace seekers. Its situated 252 km from Delhi in Uttarakhand and will take approx 6 hours to reach there. You will witness marvelous scenic beauty as well as spiritual bliss. You can visit temples, Laxman Jhoola, Ram Jhoola. Visit markets to see the liveliness of the city or sit down at the banks of Ganges to watch the Maha Aartis or to explore the soul within you. A lot of foreigners visit here for adventure sports and yoga/meditation classes every year. You can also enjoy river rafting, bungee jumping, cliff jumping, white water rafting. Enjoy tasty food and special lassi at local Cafes like Choti Wala & others near Laxman Jhoola. You can stay at a Dharamshala or Hotel as per your choice and budget. The best time to visit here is in summer.



The City of love, Agra is located in the Banks of River Yamuna in Uttar Pradesh (UP). Take the expressway and you will reach there in approx 3:30 hours as its 233 km from Delhi. It is the city where you will find the symbol of true love and one of the 7 wonders of the world, The Great TAJ MAHAL. Not only this you can also visit Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Fort, Jama Masjid, Mehtab Bagh, Anguri Bagh, Chini ka Rauza, Taj museum to see our historical structures. Enjoy the city food at local Dhabas as they serve much better food than the local hotels or cafes with artificial ratings on Google. You can shop from the local markets & Govt. establish markets-Meena Bazar near the entry gate of the Taj Mahal. Where you will find Handmade sarees and blankets made of Banana, Bamboo leaves & other organic stuff. If you have a sweet tooth don’t forget to buy Petha sweet from the famous Panchhi Petha store which you will find easily once you enter Agra. Please confirm the timings for the Taj Mahal before planning your visit. You can visit here any month.



The Pink City also known as the capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur offers you the ROYAL FEEL of India. Distance from Delhi is 288 km and you will find yourself here within 5-6 hours. It’s a city for people of multiple interests; Cultural vultures, History lovers, Foodies. Activities to enjoy at Jaipur are; Cycling, Jeep Safari, Hot air balloon ride, ATV Ride, Paintball, ZIP Lining, Zorbing, and much more. Its famous for forts hence main places to visit are; Amer Fort, Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal, Nahargarh Fort, Chandra Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Monkey temple, etc. Wax museum is one of the main attractions for tourists as it’s a stupendous experience to visit the first wax museum in the world with 32 iconic personalities made with silicon. You will cherish the authentic and fine cuisine of Rajasthan here like Gatta Curry, Daal Bati churma, Pyaz ki kachauri, Mava kachauri, Ghevar and will experience the volcano of flavors oozing. Yummy, isn’t it. You can also enjoy shopping in local markets for handmade items, famous Jaipuri dupattas, and Bedsheets, etc. You can make your stay in one of the Economy hotels or the luxurious palace cum hotels like Taj-Jai Mahal Palace Etc.



Also known as Queen of Hills, Mussoorie is for mountain lovers, who seek calmness and want to enjoy natural bliss. Located in Uttarakhand, 279 km from Delhi and takes 6: 30 hours to reach. Before entering Mussoorie you will know automatically that you are near it as you will see lush greens and high-top mountains on the way. The best time to travel here is in summers. There are so many places to visit like Kempty fall, Bhatta falls, Jharipani falls, Lal tibba, Lake Mist, Cloud’s end, Nag Tibba, Gun Hill, Mall Road, Jwala Devi Temple. You can enjoy shopping at Mall road, Mussoorie bazaar. Enjoy the Chinese food at Kalsang or Doma’s over there. If you are looking for adventure you may go for Trekking, Rock climbing, Rappelling, white water rafting, and paragliding. All in all, it’s good if you want to roam in the streets or just stand at the hotel balcony and watch the beauty, nature provides for your eyes.

All these places are safe and enjoyable. You can drive your car or can travel from Bus or Train. It is suggested that you book your hotel in advance to avoid last-minute nuisance or unavailability. Take a break from your busy life and give yourself a treat because- Woman, You worth it.

Faith n Love


A Successful Housewife.

Hi Friends. Today’s article is dedicated to all the current, former and going to be – Housewives.No matter in which stage you are, you definitely deserve a Salute!

Being a housewife needs a lot of patience, willpower, courage, and BRAVERY. Of course, it needs bravery to work day & night without any compensation. There is a common slang for Housewives that “ what you do all the day despite sitting at home and doing nothing much.”

OH Hello, That’s total bullshit don’t dwell on that okay. But sometimes we tend to get depressed, overburdened and start feeling like we have no respect in outer society because we don’t earn money. Well, my dears you are thinking just the opposite because if there is no Housewife then there is no House Life.

Let’s know how to be a successful housewife:

1. Stop Complaining: Just stop whining about your current situation that you are too tired, too stressed, too blah blah. It was your choice to get married or have a child and it’s your duty to take care of the house and the kid. Stop complaining over the things you liked to do once. Instead be happy that you have the opportunity and capability to grow your family and manage your house.

2. Be Proud: You shouldn’t be ashamed that you are not earning money instead you should be proud that you are turning a house into a home. You are raising your kids with a loving and nurturing attitude. It doesn’t matter how much efficient nanny you have for your kid but no one can raise your child better than you. You are doing a great job by serving elders, taking care of your partner. Remember, only women with a loving and caring attitude can make a house worth living.

3. Make Over: You are a house wife and it doesn’t mean that you don’t need any makeup. There is no good in doing household chores all day and do nothing about your looks. Oh yeah, you will say I don’t get time for all this but if you have time to mop the floor then you should have time to wipe your face. Housewifing doesn’t mean you are an old stock and okay in the storage room. You are alive so you need to groom to Feel & Look alive. Take regular makeover sessions and stay rejuvenated.

4. Intimacy: Personal life shouldn’t be compromised in any case. No matter what responsibilities you have towards your home and children, you & your husband deserves those intimate moments and loving talks. Work shouldn’t be the excuse for not enjoying your WE time. Make time for your marital bliss and stay connected always for a Happy Married life.

5. Me Time: You deserve time for your self. Bedsheets aren’t washed, clothes aren’t ironed, the maid is on leave. SO? Do you feel sorry about taking a break? No, you should not. You aren’t a machine oops machines too needs a break for repair. I guess now you get my point. Take care of your self, give your self some treat, a good spa, new hairdo, shopping, movie, Develop a new hobby. Do whatever makes you happy. Spend some time with yourself as it’s necessary to shred stress and stay motivated.

6. Kitchen Queen: Take care of what is being cooked, no matter who is cooking in there. To maintain the family health just the tasty food isn’t enough. You need to take care of the nutrition value. Try new healthy recipes every now and then. Serve differently, use new era serving dishes & cutlery. Not only this will make you a Supermom but also a kitchen Queen.

7. Catch up with your girlfriends: Meet your friends, share your feelings or issues with your besties and take relevant advice. You can also share new recipes and interior ideas. Go for movies or shopping, spend quality time with your friends. This will make you feel refreshed, motivated and social.

8. Know your value: No matter what people say, you are the best judge for your doings. Stay motivated by giving yourself rewards like a new dress or a new dish, whatever you like. Just know you are doing your best, giving a valuable contribution to your family and most of all you are the BOSS and you need no approval for your great work.

Good Luck Ladies!

God Bless.

Faith n Love



Hey Guys! Here I am with another topic, Wanted badly to share it with all of you.


Man is a social animal…..so the woman 😉 Well, yes we all have to interact socially to gain so many things in life. Be it emotional support, financial benefits, acceptance/reputation in society, mental and physical health and more. To maintain this we have to pretend a little…OH! no no no A LOT for it. My point here is just “ BE YOU”

I  know you must be thinking that it is not possible in today’s world where everybody has so many faces. There are so many obligations, responsibilities, necessities and blah blah blah which makes us -LESS OF US. But are we really happy & satisfied or are they totally happy with us for whom we are pretending? I guess the mouth is shut now, Isn’t it?

People are not going to be happy with you all the time and also there is no need to do it. I am not asking you to yell at your boss or shout in your house or disrespect/hurt anyone. I am just saying to Be yourself, Be true to yourself and others. If something is beyond your limits then speak up rather than torturing yourself in order to achieve it. If someone is bothering you or pushing your limits, talk to them straight for yourself.

To maintain your inner peace and wellbeing just stay good to you. Do you remember when was the last time you did things just for yourself? Long pause—Hmmm. Not to worry just do it today. Do whatever makes you relaxed and sane. Make yourself happy first. Remember one thing- life never stops for anyone it’s just we who stop living.

Love you all.


God Bless!

Faith n Love


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