Check Your Thoughts !!!


This is a viberational universe & everything contains energy-The air, the sun, the water, the soil, the atmosphere, our body and our thoughts too. Yes you read it right-Your thoughts. Basically you are a transmitter & a receiver pole, the kind of energy/frequency you will emit the same kind of energy you will attract from your surroundings .It can be positive & can be negative too.

You must be thinking what rubbish I am talking about. Wait a minute let me explain with an example. Often we hear from people like oh my god why this happens to me always or the whole day was bad, everything is in a mess, everybody is out to get me. If these statements seem similar to you then the reason is probably what I am talking about. Your thought process! Yes, what is coming to you or what you are getting right now is attracted by you only.

The reason behind it is “The law of attraction” . It’s an universal law. We hear it all the time-Think positive, Be Kind or what you give you will get. Same force is behind all these. Whatever you focus upon will become the reality of your life. It may seem funny or impossible but it’s a fact. It can be anything, career, money, love, relations, car, house or debt, tension, stress, fear, disease etc. You are attracting what you are thinking most of the time .So today onwards start thinking & doing positive only.

Let’s have a look on how we get it:

1.Debts or Paychecks: The more you think about debts or the bills the more you will get them on your plate because you are focusing on it and your mind will attract more fear and you will be unable to think anything else. Instead focus on receiving paychecks or extra source of income and you shall receive them. It’s not a magical spell that you will close your eyes and boom! cash is in your hand. The more positive you will think the more your mind will attract the ideas of extra income.

2.Disease or Health: When we are thinking about diseases or pain we are automatically attracting more of it. I know pain cannot be neglected but could you please tell me that by thinking over it again & again can we get rid of it? In fact we are emitting the painful thoughts in universe and we are attracting more likewise situations. Think about health and how to maintain it. This will not only gives you strength but also will lessen the pain associated thoughts. Your thinking will automatically shift to positive vibes about your body ,health and you will soon start getting the results.

3.Love or Hurt: You must be thinking oh I have not initiated the breakup or he/she betrayed/hurt/disobeyed me. Okay I understood but what after that? They hurt you and what you emit? Anger, harsh words, revengeful thoughts, unforgiveness. So basically for future you have created the cycle again with the same person or the new entrants because all the time you are thinking about hurt, pain, betrayal, negative side of the person etc. Instead think about love, care, hope, happiness and positivity so that you can attract like-minded people & happy relations into your life.

4.Success or Failure: Ups & downs are the part of life but don’t make the downfalls the pattern of your thinking as it will seize new ideas or opportunities for your future success. The more you will fear about risk taking, competition, scarcity of resources the more you will attract likewise situations/hurdles. Always focus on the brighter side as it will give you strength, courage, productive ideas & yes, good fortune.

seminario reiki 2016

I hope now you know the idea behind checking your thoughts before emitting it in the environment.


God Bless!

Faith n Love



Author: rjfaithnlove

Hi. I am a simple & unique person like you. Not an expert but can give you a friendly suggestion so that you can face and overcome your day-to-day problems, and live a positive joyful life. You can mail me at my mail ID: Whenever I get time I will respond. God bless !

19 thoughts on “Check Your Thoughts !!!”

  1. Another great post! I want to suggest something. Maybe you have it on your blog but I can’t find it. Some people follow through WorsPress Reader and others love Ke to receive some blogs by email. You need a follow me button, for other WordPress bloggers in a visible place. Just trying to help 🙂

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  2. Nice one .It’s true and I have read “Secret “Book of Rhonda Byrne.If you haven’t read yet,its my kind advice please read it .It’s not only inspiring but also magical.

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