Hello Everyone !

We all are foody. Our choices can be different,like some of us like pizzas & burgers and other likes salads & soups,we can be a wine lover or a tea person, a cheese sandwich guy or a kebab chooser. So basically we love food, Right !

Food is not just for our taste buds but also for our health.Now a days we are becoming more health conscious and prefer to have a healthy diet so that our body remains fit & healthy. We are having green tea to skimmed milk,yogurt to low fat cheese,baked veggies tossed in olive oil, assorted nuts & exotic fruits and so on. Good choice guys, Well done ! But hey what about the mind health ??? Oh yeah ,you will say i am eating almonds, walnuts, vitamin A etc.Sorry i am not talking about your physical brain. I am talking about the mind – The Insider Thing .

While having a unhealthy mind we cannot achieve a healthy body , No matter what you are eating, it will not maintain your physical & mental health until your mind isn’t well,you are stressed,having anxiety issues,lost sleep,no peace of mind etc etc. You must be thinking that what we should have for a healthy mind? The answer is –

The Mind Food !


Let’s get on it :

1. Vitamin-R : “Relaxation” ,I know we are living a busy life where we are getting too much on our plate ! Presentations,meetings,discussions,workshops,seminars,kids & family responsibilities etc. So, see we don’t have time to relax . Oh! but we do have time for doctor/psychologist appointments and also medical leaves . We faint all of a sudden and when we open our eyes , BANG ! We are in the hospital or having a doctor by our side writing prescriptions with an advice to take rest for few days. It is better to take some time from your daily schedule so that your mind can relax.Go for a walk,take a quick nap or just sit silently with closed eyes for few minutes. Trust me it will help.

2. Vegetable-T : Vegetable of Thoughts, basically positive thoughts .Fill you mind with positive thoughts because negativity sucks your mind power,drains your energy & leaves you tired not only mentally but also physically. When ever you are feeling low,angry,stressed,exhausted, just think of a good memory or read some motivational book/article,watch motivational videos or simply visualize a kid smiling 🙂 so that your thought process can shift from negative to positive. Positive thoughts soothes your mind, reduces your stress level and boosts up your energy.

3. Fruity-W : Another essential Food is Fruity W -Words . Choose your words before saying them to yourself & others. Every word has a vibration- it can be good or bad. Its totally up to you how you use it. When you say good things it creates smile,positivity,motivation,calmness in your mind as well as other’s.But when you utter harsh words,taunts etc you are creating the vibration of stress,anger,fear.It is not good for anyone’s mind not yours itself.Say positive words,affirmations daily so that your mind can achieve strength not stress.

4. The M-Soup : Here the M stands for Meditation. It is among the most effective tools for healthy mind & soul. I am not saying you to sit hours and hours in scientific meditational methods but simply spend 5-15 minutes daily in breathing meditation-The easiest form of meditation.Focus on your breath while you inhale and exhale.It will fill you mind not only with vital oxygen but also with calmness & peace of mind.

5. Supplement-S : Last but not the least,Supplement Silence. Start practicing silence for few minutes each day other than sleeping hours. Silence preserves your mind energy/power.Just sit in the park and observe the nature how it  is working beautifully without making a noise or sit in your balcony or room close you eyes and imagine a soothing scenario, a kid smiling or children playing . I guarantee you, your mood will cheer up and your stress will start depleting automatically.

So i guess now you are well equipped with all these essential foods of your daily diet for a Healthy Mind . Enjoy !


God Bless !

Faith n Love 


Author: rjfaithnlove

Hi .I am a simple & unique person like you. Not an expert but can give you a friendly suggestion so that you can face and overcome your day to day problems, and live a positive joyful life .You can mail me at my mail ID: whenever I get time I will respond. God bless !

18 thoughts on “THE MIND FOOD !!!”

  1. Your thoughts immediately made me reflect upon my childhood constantly being reminded to guard myself from things that were not of value!
    All that you said are the pieces to self-awareness and ultimately personal progression, great post!

    Liked by 2 people

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