Reiki & Its Benefits


Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation and stress reduction that also promotes body and mind healing. It is performed by placing hands over the body and some times from a distance. It is a life force energy that flows through us. If someone’s “life force energy” is low, then they will feel sick or stressed, and if it is high then they will experience happiness and healthy life.

The word Reiki consists of two Japanese words – Rei which means -Higher Power and Ki means -life force energy. So Reiki is – life force energy guided and provided by the higher power (God).

Benefits of Reiki

There are so many astonishing benefits of Reiki. Reiki is a very gentle yet powerful process. The intent of Reiki is not only to support the physical health, but also to develop & promote a positive mind so that you can experience an abundance of happiness and joy in your life. Reiki helps in balancing energy levels, managing the stress of daily life or sudden transitions happens in life. It develops spirituality, harmony & a greater sense of meaning in life.After the Reiki treatment people feel calm & relaxed, also they feel energetic, happy, clear-minded and productive. Reiki can help to cope better with a wide range of conditions such as anxiety, stress, depression, fears, chronic pain, etc.

Have a Look, how it is beneficial:

1. Deep relaxation & Stress Release:

Reiki allows the person to stay calm by just BEING and not doing. People feel more peaceful, calm, clear, relaxed and lighter in themselves. Reiki grants a space where you can be aware of what is happening inside your mind and body. It provides you deep relaxation and helps in releasing the stress.

2. Diffuse energy blocks:

Reiki clears the energy blocks within you it helps in balancing the Chakras in you. The energy balance enhances learning, Focus, and clarity. Reiki heals mental & emotional wounds, fear, frustration and anger and helps in alleviating mood swings.It boosts your sense of love and affiliation so that you can be open up to the people around you. It helps your relationships to grow stronger.

3. Promotes Harmony:

Reiki energy helps in promoting harmony and balance. It is an effective, non-invasive healing technique that boosts the body’s natural ability to healing and promotes overall wellness. Reiki works profoundly on restoring the energy balance on all levels and works directly on the problem.

4. Body cleansing:

Reiki helps you with body cleansing and releasing the toxins from your whole internal system.We are so much stressed nowadays that it’s becoming a natural thing for us and our bodies forget how to clean itself and returns to its natural self. Reiki reminds our bodies how to shift it selves into self-healing mode.The more you are involved in this the more you can be active and productive without being stressed and burnt-out.

5. Spiritual Well being:

You do not have to be into dense spirituality to enjoy the experiences of reiki. Yet, it helps in spiritual growth & inner development. Reiki addresses your whole persona, rather than focusing on one’s symptoms. It grows your intuitions as well. Suddenly, you start seeing the situation from a fresh perspective and can deal with it peacefully.

6. Aids better sleep:

Reiki provides relaxation and when we’re relaxed, we sleep better. People feel deep relaxation during their Reiki session and sometimes a deep sleep as well. You can regularly practice the same before going to bed.

7. More Focus:

Reiki helps you in staying centered in the present moment rather than diving into Past regrets or future anxieties. It can strengthen your ability to accept the current situation and work as the events are unfolding themselves in front of you. You will begin to feel more focused and grounded.

8. You can learn Reiki yourself:

Reiki is for everyone! You learn reiki by attending Reiki Classes, Mostly Level 1 & 2 is enough if you want to heal yourself and your family. These levels clear your basics and attune you for self-healing. You can do it regularly.

9. Pain reliever:

On the outside, Reiki might appear to be merely an array of hand movements but it’s huge than it appears to be. It enhances your body’s vital functions such as breathing, digesting, fighting with diseases and sleeping. Reiki helps to relieve pain from headaches, body aches, migraine, and arthritis just to name a few. It also helps asthma, fatigue, insomnia, etc.

10. Compliments medical treatments:

Reiki is an effective complement to conventional medical techniques and medicines. When a patient is calm & relaxed the healing process automatically accelerates. Reiki is noninvasive and the practitioner can give Reiki without touching the body in cases of major injuries. Reiki is safe to use in medical conditions such as diabetes or heart conditions. One can also receive Reiki healing if they are undergoing chemotherapy. Pregnant ladies can also have Reiki therapy to get support throughout the stages of pregnancy.


Have Faith and Enjoy the Bliss of Reiki !

Faith n Love


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