Check Your Thoughts !!!


This is a viberational universe & everything contains energy-The air, the sun, the water, the soil, the atmosphere, our body and our thoughts too. Yes you read it right-Your thoughts. Basically you are a transmitter & a receiver pole, the kind of energy/frequency you will emit the same kind of energy you will attract from your surroundings .It can be positive & can be negative too.

You must be thinking what rubbish I am talking about. Wait a minute let me explain with an example. Often we hear from people like oh my god why this happens to me always or the whole day was bad, everything is in a mess, everybody is out to get me. If these statements seem similar to you then the reason is probably what I am talking about. Your thought process! Yes, what is coming to you or what you are getting right now is attracted by you only.

The reason behind it is “The law of attraction” . It’s an universal law. We hear it all the time-Think positive, Be Kind or what you give you will get. Same force is behind all these. Whatever you focus upon will become the reality of your life. It may seem funny or impossible but it’s a fact. It can be anything, career, money, love, relations, car, house or debt, tension, stress, fear, disease etc. You are attracting what you are thinking most of the time .So today onwards start thinking & doing positive only.

Let’s have a look on how we get it:

1.Debts or Paychecks: The more you think about debts or the bills the more you will get them on your plate because you are focusing on it and your mind will attract more fear and you will be unable to think anything else. Instead focus on receiving paychecks or extra source of income and you shall receive them. It’s not a magical spell that you will close your eyes and boom! cash is in your hand. The more positive you will think the more your mind will attract the ideas of extra income.

2.Disease or Health: When we are thinking about diseases or pain we are automatically attracting more of it. I know pain cannot be neglected but could you please tell me that by thinking over it again & again can we get rid of it? In fact we are emitting the painful thoughts in universe and we are attracting more likewise situations. Think about health and how to maintain it. This will not only gives you strength but also will lessen the pain associated thoughts. Your thinking will automatically shift to positive vibes about your body ,health and you will soon start getting the results.

3.Love or Hurt: You must be thinking oh I have not initiated the breakup or he/she betrayed/hurt/disobeyed me. Okay I understood but what after that? They hurt you and what you emit? Anger, harsh words, revengeful thoughts, unforgiveness. So basically for future you have created the cycle again with the same person or the new entrants because all the time you are thinking about hurt, pain, betrayal, negative side of the person etc. Instead think about love, care, hope, happiness and positivity so that you can attract like-minded people & happy relations into your life.

4.Success or Failure: Ups & downs are the part of life but don’t make the downfalls the pattern of your thinking as it will seize new ideas or opportunities for your future success. The more you will fear about risk taking, competition, scarcity of resources the more you will attract likewise situations/hurdles. Always focus on the brighter side as it will give you strength, courage, productive ideas & yes, good fortune.

seminario reiki 2016

I hope now you know the idea behind checking your thoughts before emitting it in the environment.


God Bless!

Faith n Love



Hello Everyone !

We all are foody. Our choices can be different,like some of us like pizzas & burgers and other likes salads & soups,we can be a wine lover or a tea person, a cheese sandwich guy or a kebab chooser. So basically we love food, Right !

Food is not just for our taste buds but also for our health.Now a days we are becoming more health conscious and prefer to have a healthy diet so that our body remains fit & healthy. We are having green tea to skimmed milk,yogurt to low fat cheese,baked veggies tossed in olive oil, assorted nuts & exotic fruits and so on. Good choice guys, Well done ! But hey what about the mind health ??? Oh yeah ,you will say i am eating almonds, walnuts, vitamin A etc.Sorry i am not talking about your physical brain. I am talking about the mind – The Insider Thing .

While having a unhealthy mind we cannot achieve a healthy body , No matter what you are eating, it will not maintain your physical & mental health until your mind isn’t well,you are stressed,having anxiety issues,lost sleep,no peace of mind etc etc. You must be thinking that what we should have for a healthy mind? The answer is –

The Mind Food !


Let’s get on it :

1. Vitamin-R : “Relaxation” ,I know we are living a busy life where we are getting too much on our plate ! Presentations,meetings,discussions,workshops,seminars,kids & family responsibilities etc. So, see we don’t have time to relax . Oh! but we do have time for doctor/psychologist appointments and also medical leaves . We faint all of a sudden and when we open our eyes , BANG ! We are in the hospital or having a doctor by our side writing prescriptions with an advice to take rest for few days. It is better to take some time from your daily schedule so that your mind can relax.Go for a walk,take a quick nap or just sit silently with closed eyes for few minutes. Trust me it will help.

2. Vegetable-T : Vegetable of Thoughts, basically positive thoughts .Fill you mind with positive thoughts because negativity sucks your mind power,drains your energy & leaves you tired not only mentally but also physically. When ever you are feeling low,angry,stressed,exhausted, just think of a good memory or read some motivational book/article,watch motivational videos or simply visualize a kid smiling 🙂 so that your thought process can shift from negative to positive. Positive thoughts soothes your mind, reduces your stress level and boosts up your energy.

3. Fruity-W : Another essential Food is Fruity W -Words . Choose your words before saying them to yourself & others. Every word has a vibration- it can be good or bad. Its totally up to you how you use it. When you say good things it creates smile,positivity,motivation,calmness in your mind as well as other’s.But when you utter harsh words,taunts etc you are creating the vibration of stress,anger,fear.It is not good for anyone’s mind not yours itself.Say positive words,affirmations daily so that your mind can achieve strength not stress.

4. The M-Soup : Here the M stands for Meditation. It is among the most effective tools for healthy mind & soul. I am not saying you to sit hours and hours in scientific meditational methods but simply spend 5-15 minutes daily in breathing meditation-The easiest form of meditation.Focus on your breath while you inhale and exhale.It will fill you mind not only with vital oxygen but also with calmness & peace of mind.

5. Supplement-S : Last but not the least,Supplement Silence. Start practicing silence for few minutes each day other than sleeping hours. Silence preserves your mind energy/power.Just sit in the park and observe the nature how it  is working beautifully without making a noise or sit in your balcony or room close you eyes and imagine a soothing scenario, a kid smiling or children playing . I guarantee you, your mood will cheer up and your stress will start depleting automatically.

So i guess now you are well equipped with all these essential foods of your daily diet for a Healthy Mind . Enjoy !


God Bless !

Faith n Love 


Life is Beautiful !

Hello to all the loving & beautiful people out there.Hope you are doing well.So today’s topic is about life.Yes life,we are just living it but not feeling it.

Life is beautiful !

You must be thinking Ahh what is beautiful about it,there is so much mess,finances arent going well,health sucks,people betrayed us,heart is broken,family isn’t supportive, promotion is stuck or given to anyone else,feeling alone etc but believe me these are just phases of life.Phases to make you a better & happy person.It consists of sad & happy moments, sorrows & joys,love & betrayal, loneliness & togetherness.This is what makes it beautiful,the experiences,the lessons & the strength we are getting day by day.

Let me tell you how it is wonderful & beautiful:

1 . It makes you learn & grow :  Think about the guitar,your struggle to play the cords,the cuts on your fingers while learning and playing but the end result is a mesmerising rhythm,a beautiful song.Isnt it makes you feel happy and of course a better musician.Life is like that,It will give you challanges, will make you sweat but it will help you in growing by all these experiences and hardships so that you can become a better you,a stronger you.

2 . It gives you patience: Life is just a small word but it’s gives you many rare & essential qualities like Patience. Our life consists of various stages : Teen,adults,oldies.At every stage there are so many issues and hurdles but while going through them we don’t give up.Infact we learn how to go through it and it gives us a unique quality that is patience and those who have patience knows it’s importance and grace.

3 . Feeling of Love : Love is amazing & beyond explanation. It is a wonderful feeling. When someone betrays us ,hurt us we feel low,we think that it’s an end.But no we still survive and you know why because that sad memory is associated with some specific person and that person gives us pain not love itself.Love is powerful & unconditional.It cannot hurt you.People are good or bad but love is pure.Cherish it if you have someone in your life who loves you no matter that person is your lover, your friend,your family,your pet and so on.Just close your eyes and think of it ,you will find many people in your life who are always there for you.Hence life gives you chances & people to feel the pleasure & happiness of being loved.

4 . Knowledge: Everyday we are getting knowledge from books,from people,from nature,from workshops etc and we are applying this knowledge for our good and for the benefit of others.In short we are getting knowledge & information from every living being & the sources made by these living beings.Isnt it wonderful.

5 . Relations & Togetherness : Man is asocial animal.We can’t live in isolation.From school to playground,from home to office,from friends to family we get to know the values and importance of relations & togetherness in our life. Remember those days when you were with frinds or in a family reunion.All these relations,fabulous and loving memories, are given by life.

At the end I can say life is a journey,people will come & go, you will face ups & downs,you ll come to know the difference of real & fake,You will see love & betrayals ,sorrows & joys but this journey will make you a unique person with priceless qualities,experiences and yes a good story teller for your grandchildren with lots of fascinating & amazing stories.

So cherish everyday of it because :

Life, indeed is beautiful”

Faith n Love

Be Kind :)

It seem to be a small word but it has a huge effect “Kindness” . A random act of kindness done by you can be beneficial for someone having a very bad day or having a trouble.I am not saying stop doing your work or join a full time NGO but just make a little time to do small things for others along with your busy schedule.It is capable of giving smile to not only the other person but also you !

The amazing thing is it has no boundaries.No matter you are a student,a worker,a professional,a businessman,a leader,a house wife or house mom,rich or poor.You can help someone,human or animal,bird or plant.Just have the good intentions,pure and unconditional love that’s all you need.

So let’s check out the magic of “Being Kind” :

1.Uplifts the mood : A helping gesture or just few simple kind words can lift up the mood of a person.If your are helping someone out or giving a kind suggestion, it will boost up their confidence & morale and they will start focusing on the positive side.It will also makes you feel happier.

2. Strong relationships & Goodwill : When you do good to a stranger or a loved one.This will make your bond stronger with them.They will think of you with a good memory and smile.It brightens up your image and goodwill in their theart.It will help you in getting closer to the people you are surrounded by.

3. Happiness : Kindness brings happiness to all you are surronded by including you.Yes you! When ever you are in the process of helping someone,you will automatically feel that it is soothing you from within,giving you immense joy.Check your mirror, it actually gives you a fulfilling smile 🙂
4.  Reduces stress & depression :  Its a proven fact that kindness reduces the stress level and depression. When you are doing good or helping someone or simply giving them an ear, they will feel at ease.It will reduce the level of their blood pressure,normalise the heartbeat and soothes the stretched nerves.More over when you are doing this it also will reduce your stress level as it’s a feel good factor and when ever your are feeling good it automatically reduces your tension,negative thoughts and pain.

5 . Good for immune system : May be you are aware or not when ever you are doing something bad or wrong to someone it upsets your gut.Yes you hear it right . It’s a strong feeling. When you are pure and good in your intentions, when your are reaching there to help somebody,it will boost up your immune system.You don’t trust me?? Google it ! But seriously it’s a very personal feeling/experience, give it a try and you will know.

6. Positivity & Self image : The more you become a kind person the more it will make you a positive figure.It changes your state of mind,your thought patterns.when you see someone smiling because of you it will hipe your self image,self worth and will make you more positive in life.

7. Kindness is contagious : One of the beneficial side effects of kindness is : It’s contagious. It spreads from one heart to another.You are doing good to some one they feel good then they starts doing good to other people and the chain goes on and on.Isn’t it beautiful. It will make this world a better place to live.So start now.

8. Karmic Account : Yes ! Law of  Karma. It is very perfect. It never skips anyone. Often we read or hear ; Do good Have good, what you give you will get,what you sow so shall you reap & so on. Life is actually a boomerang what you do will come to you sooner or later in any form & in manifolds .So if your want God and people to be kind to you,Opt it first.

I just want to say when ever you get a chance,Do good . Infact god says those who have wronged you,hurt you, betrayed you try to Be nice to them too.

Don’t make kindness just a random act of charity, MAKE IT A LIFESTYLE.

God Bless !

So,You broke up and now want him/her back !!!

Hmm… It’s complicated aye !
Sometimes we initiate the breakup due to any xyz reasons and regret it later on. Then we find ourself confined under the thoughts of Loss,rejection,recentment, grief,self anger & guilt.

There are so many questions crawling in your head;she/he will talk to me or not, will he/she forgive me,what would be his/her reaction if i approach ,will he/she accept me back,may be I am no more good for him/her,is there someone else in her/his life and so on……

Don’t worry you still have a chance.You Yes you hear it right.No matter what is the current situation ,You do still have a chance if he/she still loves you. You just have to figure it out & approach them the right way.

Here are few suggestions you can apply while approaching them :

1.Initiate the conversation: I know this is tough but not that much in comparison to the pain they must be facing because of your wrong step.Start it slowly just don’t push them or shower your texts & calls on them all of a sudden. Initiate it light heartedly & once they starts responding speed up the conversation rate and move to the next step asap.

2. Apologies : Sincerely apologies. Just open your heart in front of him/her.Tell how much you are sorry for what had happened. Clear your position but don’t even try to play the blame game.They must be having anger or pain and want to clear the air,listen to them with patience and accept your part .

3. Ego vs Love : Where there is ego there is no love and where there is love,ego can’t stand. Don’t think of showing any ego to them while approaching them. They must be wanting your love and care and not the bad words again. You must be knowing that they are already hurt due to the breakup. Now it’s time for you to express your true love and make them forget the past with your care & concern.

4 .Plan a date : Ask them out for a nice date or movie or dinner.Spend some quality time with them,talk about things you both like and cherish.If you are living in different city you still can spend time with them over video calls etc play music in the background which you both like.

5 .Propose: It is the hardest part because there are possibilities of rejection.But defeat only occurs when you don’t even take a faithful chance.So don’t give up at the last step of the love gate.State clearly that you love him/her alot with true intentions & want their presence in your life forever. Trust me if they truly loved you in the past and your intentions & efforts are genuine,there are bright chances of a favourable response and if it’s a No then too you will be out of the guit because atleast you tried Sincerely and of course it’s their decision now and you should respect it.

To sum up I just can say love is beautiful & precious.We can’t find it easily .If you know someone who truly loves you don’t let them go .Atleast try to get them back timely otherwise again you’ll regret for the chance not taken and losing them forever.

So just go for it.Good luck and God bless !

Faith n Love


Breakups ! Who’s Guilty ?

So the story starts with a click 😉

You saw him/her at school,coffee shop,down on the street, workstation. Stared into their eyes,had a crush,met them,got into the moment,initiated little chit chat and Bang !!!

Congratulations ! You are on the track of falling in love 🙂 Yes i can sense those butterflies crawling in the stomach when you talk to them.Air is refreshing, Everything feels so good and after few days that boy/girl came to you and said : “Will you be my gf/bf”

Omg Omg Omg that person himself/herself asked for the relationship .Wow ! Feeling like on top of the world .Finally you are in love.We make promises, commitments to be with each other till the end and get into the dreamy state.Most of the time we are calling & texting each other.Woooh heavenly feeling isn’t it.

After few days or months the rate of calls & texts from that person started declining. All those “Be mine,We are one indeed,I miss you ,I love yous”are now started converting into ” I am busy”,”There’s an important meeting”,”I am getting late”,”Its not working”,”You have changed” etc etc And finally the dooms day has come.He/She finally said that ” I need a break or I guess it’s over”

We call,we text,we beg,we shout, we cry infront of them but all in vain.The person who was the source of our smiles is now the reason of our tears.

So now can you tell me Who’s Guilty?You will say of course they are or maybe it was my mistake only.No no no no no no my dear.It’s not . Both the person are more or less guilty. Lemme tell you how & in future how to avoid the same situation:

1.Nature: Every body has a different nature & we can’t judge it in few days meeting or chats/calls.Before jumping into a relationship directly give yourself some time .Try to analyse the nature of the perosn,their motives, way of living and compare with you and then take decision that will you be okay to handle it in the long run.

2.Life prospects : We often listen that x left y by saying that our ways are different, I need to focus on the career,Studies first .Then why the hell that person wasn’t thinking of all this before asking you to get into a committed relationship with them. So make it clear at the beginning only and then decide peace fully weather to go with it or not.

3.Intentions : I know when we are in love we can’t judge the intentions of our lover at once because they are saying good words,showing so much care & love,pampering you etc but lemme tell you one thing ,every person who has wrong intentions will unknowingly give you signs like; apart from you they flirt with other people and then say i was kidding just,ignoring your calls & msgs but still online on the whtsapp and when you ask they’ll say it was official ,all of a sudden gets busy in an unexplanable work or meeting and so on..Just recognise it .If it’s just once or twice then it is okay but if it is more than that then it’s an alarming signal.

4.Space: Yes we want to be with them all the time over call or chat or everyday meetings but it’s human tendency to get bored with same repeated things.As a human being we need some personal space for us for our friends & family too.So don’t suffocate your partner with too much of you this will not only give them for their self but also to miss you more.

5.Jealousy: little jealousy is okay in every relation to spice it up but don’t make it a habit .It will backfire you in longrun.

6.Balance is necessary : You should neither take your partner for granted nor make them see you are drooling over them as both are harmful.Make a balance in it. Take care of them but give them chance to show your importance in their life too.

7.Respect : Every one has a self respect .Don’t hurt someone else’s and yours too.You don’t need to be someones pet dog and do whatever they say at the first place for the sake of being with them or in the fear of losing them.Trust me those who actually loves you will never make you look down again & again.If they do so & don’t even realise or apologies for their mistake, let them go and move on.
At the end I can  only say yes love is blind but you are not . We actually somehow can sense the betrayal or breakup before it actually happens but we ignore the signs for the sake of love and longing of being with our person.So please don’t get into a committed relationship before analyzing the facts else one of the person or both in the relation will end up crying and with pain in their hearts.

I hope this will help.God bless !
Faith n Love


Make time for Yourself & The Nears n Dears …

Hey Fellows ,you must be thinking “Oh gosh ! uhhh another self love and bla bla article”

You know, I used to think the same as well till the day I found the secret of true happiness. 

We are living in the era of cut throat competition, rat race, power mindedness & lust for money . I am not the opponent of success but the question is At what cost ???

We are running after making money at the rapid speed,Buying luxuries,Travelling in business class,Having Gucci & Armani in our wardrobes and so on…is this true happiness actually?The fact is all these are just the social status symbols.

Where are we going? We are just engaged in money accumulating activities which will give us the world class medical facility in our end days.So that’s what we want right! A 5* or 7* hospital room & facilities ,a team of doctors and nurses at the end of our life journey ?

If you don’t want just that which I mentioned above, then follow what I am going to share.Trust me it will change you and your actual life status :

1. Love yourself : Yes, love your self because if we are unable to love ourself why would someone else will. Not only this will make you a happier person but it will also give you a charismatic personality.By loving thyself you will radiate confidence,love,strength and people with like mindedness will start getting attracted towards you and you will become more joyous and happy.So just stand in front of the mirror and start saying the charming person “I love you” 😉

2. Mind,Body & Soul : Take care of you Mind,body & soul.Make time from your busy schedule for the fitness of your body, go to gym or just a long walk in the woods daily.Practice silence & meditation for the balance of mind so that you can get relief from the stress & anxiety. Do the prayers,chanting & self analysis to purify your soul.

3. Be Kind-hearted: Fill your heart with love & kindness.Whenever possible do good to others.Try to make people smile, it costs nothing but will make you and the other person happy and calm.

4. Give time to your family & friends: These people are actually our life pillars.No matter what situations we are into .In the ups n downs of the life these people are always there for us to support us to share our sorrows to cherish our happiness. Make time for your family your friends ,plan a trip with your family, call your friends for the weekend get together and notice your own smile while being with them 🙂

5. Caring & Sharing : Its better to open your heart in the front of your loved ones with tears rather than to get it opened at the operation table with scissors .Speak out what is bothering you with a close friend ,share your thoughts & feelings to your close ones,ask for their suggestions.On the other hand care for the people around you,give them an ear,try to help them.This will make you feel lighter as well as will make your bond even stronger with your people.

6. Forgiveness : Forgive people for the past hurts,betrayals, breakups etc and move on because forgiveness is not for them it is for us,for our peace of mind.As soon as we forgive them we will be free from the grudges, resentment & pain associated with them.You don’t have to call them and say “Hey I forgive you” but just close your eyes,make the statement within ,take a deep breath then slowly open your eyes and you are free 🙂

7. Positivity: Train your mind to stay positive in every situation. Sometimes Life gives us a rollercoaster ride and we lost our senses to think balanced. But this is the actual time when you need to think positively about the situation because time is ever changing . Eventually the situation will change with the passage of time.So hang on ,learn the lesson from the experience you are going through and maintain your positivity.

8. Gratitude: Make gratitude a habit,Yes and trust me it’s a good one.Express your gratitude towards God as he is always with you to help to protect to guide and to deliver what is best for you.Apart from that a simple n sweet Thank you to the people who are serving you,doing your given work with hardwork,giving you their precious time and suggestions ,loving you,taking care of you will not only make them smile but also this will increase your value in their eyes .The more you are thankful to God the more he will give you opportunities to be thankful.

I hope this will help in making you a better,loving and happier person 🙂 God Bless !

Faith n Love


Love & Heartbreak

Hello Everyone.

So your heart is broken ,brutally broken! We all face this in our life time.Once ,twice or more than that but that’s not the end of the road and you are not alone.Trust me 🙂

I know you must be thinking that no one can understand ,my situation is different, only I can feel the pain,no one cares,everyone out there is fake and etc etc.

Yes your story is different, everyone’s story is unique and can’t be compared. But pain is same.Heart hurts the same way.It’s worst than the physical pain. Everything has shattered which was so beautiful once, All the moments,promises,dreams,plans are now just memories.. Painful memories.

You are confused,sad,in chaos,broken,shattered,out of your mind,sleepless, breathless,half dead and so on…you don’t want to do anything because you don’t have the strength. You just want to stay in your room with switched off phone so that no one can disturb you or can talk to you.You want to throw away everything, want to scream,break things or want to just get lost somewhere.

You are not alone ,yes someone has treated you like shit, taken you for granted,betrayed you,humiliate you,dumped you for other person or their selfish reasons,knowingly or unknowingly but you still are not alone. Look around you,you have friends right,Family, your pet,your admirers, your colleagues etc and you think nobody is there still a person is with you everytime and it is…..YOU

The heartbreak is new or older ,first or fifth this one person is always with you.So why don’t you love this pal of yours.

I know you don’t have any strength to do or infact think of anything right now but trust me everything will be fine with the time if you starts loving yourself because no one in this World can make you happy but you.Some people are temporary, few are long lasting in our life but we are responsible and capable to make ourself happy and at peace at the end of the day. If you can’t love yourself then who else will love you,if you don’t respect yourself then why would others??? There is no benefit of begging,calling them,asking for the last chance.It’s over. Believe it.

I am going to mention few challenges for you,yes I said challenges because at this very moment you are having a weakheart and pain so little things must be looking like mountains which are impossible to cross but if you will complete it ,Peace and happiness are the guaranteed rewards .So here they are :

1 . Cry & Scream:It’s over nomatter what promises you had or what were the future plans with that is OVER.Accept it. Yes you have all the rights to cry and shout at the top of your voice. Go to your room close it or go to some safe but lonely place and cry hard,get on your knees and scream like hell.Vent out the stuck anger and pain within you.Crying is not at all shameful my friend only kind and brave hearts can cry .It will give you immense relief and you will feel lighter.

2 . Take the shoulder of a Friend: Gather your support system, your close friend or friends .Call them, meet them and tell everything you are feeling,the past and the future scenario. Say everything creating rollercoaster in your mind and heart just say it. They will give you an ear will support you and will try to make you feel better.I know you don’t feel like but plan a weekend or few day holiday trip with your friends.

3 . Give yourself time: Time is a good healer and that’s true. Breakup can be sudden but it will take time to get everything normal again .At this very moment you are full of anger,hurt,anxiety,depression but it will go trust me it will go eventually.So try to relax and have faith that sooner or later things will be okay.

4 . Pamper yourself: You must be pampering others till now for the sake of love and bla bla but now it’s time to pamper yourself, I know it’s hard but not impossible. Take care of yourself first.Go to some spa, Get a nice haircut or a new tattoo,eat your favourite food,visit your favourite place,do some shopping for you and don’t worry after all your money is just yours now 😉

5 . Exercise : Hit the gym,dance,zumba,aerobics,yoga or simply go for morning walk daily.Just get out of your comfort zone,your bed,and your wet pillow just get rid of it. Go have fresh air in the morning , tone up your self  and this should be for you and not just to show your ex.Look your best and you never know which eye with a good heart is staring at you & waiting to be yours 😉

6 . Meditation : Meditation is very useful to calm & relax our mind and soul.It helps in calming your stressed nerves and anxiety issues.A simple meditation form can be deep breathing.Go in nature spend some time in woods, watch the trees,feel the fresh air,listen to the chirping of the birds,remain silent for few minutes and meditate daily for 15 to 30 min minimum .

7 . Get a hobby class : I am not saying just give up you school or work and take a full time course .I know you must not be liking anything new but hey where is your old guitar,piano or your baseball bat or the colours you have purchased to paint but not used it. It’s the time infact high time to persue your hobbies .Join your fav dance class,swimming,gaming,writing or whatever you like.This will not only cheer you up but also will give you joy and motivation to proceed in life with happiness.

8 . Focus on success: Success is not a one day game it needs patience and hardwork.Since you are having no one right now to give most of your day time In chit chat or phone calls .you can totattly focus on your financial and official growth.Think about how to start or grow your business ,different opportunities in your field or if you are employed,Get Engaged more in official tasks and presentations.This will boost up your morale and also you will be in the good books of your bosses.Surely you will get less time to think of useless and painful things and bright chances of promotion 🙂

9. Time for family and friends : Get back to life.All the time you were giving to a person when you are into a relation is now saved. Spend time with your family and friends because they are the people who are always there with you in good and bad time.The more you get involved with them the more you will feel good and rejoiced.

10. Pray & Have Faith : Have faith .That is the most powerful tool in this world to overcome all the hurdles and miseries you are having ,yes heartbreak too. Have faith in your God. Pray to god daily .I am not saying for hours and hours just few minutes with a deep connection will be enough.Trsu him He is doing the best .We may not consider it right at this very moment because we hate that our lover has gone away for Any damn reason and God is doing injustice, but trust me he never takes away anything without a plan to give you much better the next time .

So these are the challenges you have to take up and you will see that you will become a much better and happy person while progressing this way.
I hope this will help you in healing your heart and overcoming the pain.

Thanks for Reading

Love n Faith