Every morning we wake up and start thinking about what we will do today or start getting ready for work. We always think what will we do but we never think how it will be done or how to improve our energy to start afresh with this new day.

Give yourself a minute before doing anything as you wake up. Think of something good, a positive affirmation, a confident and motivating self-talk would be nice to start your day. Not only it will give you a kick start for the day but also will give you a strong reason to work hard for the rest of the day to achieve your day task as well as long-term goals.

Think of it!

List of morning affirmations will be available in our next post. Till then Stay Happy Stay Healthy.

Faith n Love


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Karma is the Answer!

We are living in a modern world, doing rational things but sometimes we think what will happen in the future. We got scared and we keep on searching the answer in our mind, mentors, Gurus, Google too ūüėČ But the answer is simple, It is your Karma.what you have done in past years or past life and what are you doing in present will happen to you in Future.

What will you SOW so shall you REAP!

Do good and prepare for the future with faith and kind heart

God Bless!

Faith n Love


Safety of your school going child! 

Hi everyone. The topic I am going to present is of utmost importance for parents who have school going  children. Now a days every parent is busy, being in business, Job, household chores. They can not keep an eye on children day & night. Especially when they are outside the home or you can say going to school.

You cannot be with your child all the time but you can take some safety actions to keep your child safe & secure.Some tips are as below:

1.    Get to know the school transport system:  If your child is going through school vehicle (van, bus)then you must know the time of pick and drop, vehicle number,  driver‚Äôs name and emergency contact number of school/ transport in charge etc.

2.    Instructions to School:You should give clear instructions to the school that who will be coming to school to pick up your kid, in case you are not using school van. If someone is going to school to pick up the child and not you, then contact the school or class teacher in advance to give the information about the person.

3.   Emergency Contact Number: Always give your all time available phone number to the school/transport in charge/class teacher so that they can contact you immediately in case of an emergency. You can also put your Address and contact number slip in the pocket or bag of your child so that they can contact you directly or someone else can for them .

4. Talk to your child : Talk to your kid in person about their safety. Tell them not to take anything from strangers and never go with them. In case they feel uncomfortable with any thing they should talk to class teacher in case they are in school or call the parents. 

5.   Password Protect : Password, I guess you very much know about this word Right!  Now a password can protect your kid too, apart from your phone. HAHA! Always give a password to your child if someone is coming to pick them apart from you. Your child will ask the password to that person.  If it will match then only the kid will go with them. You cannot give your child a mobile phone but you can surely give the password. Isn’t it a good idea.

I hope now you understood the simple points which can be very helpful for your child’s safety.

God Bless

Faith n Love, 

R. J




Don’t take it personally!¬†

Hey! Everyone.Hope you are doing fine. Yes, I could have written GREAT but I mentioned fine because Great can be a shortterm or a bit hard to manage thing but Fine is way easier.

In our day to day life, we meet or stay with a lot of people. They can be your friends, colleagues, family, relatives, customers, students etc. Some of them ask and some give advise. Somebody will judge you another can blame you or belittle you. Very few and close people are there to motivate you.

From all those who spread negativity or say bad words, you cannot avoid few or a larger group because of a number of reasons (career, Job, Relations, Respect, fear etc). I know you must be thinking that yes we cannot avoid and have to listen/bear but how to deal with it as we get stressed,  irritated, insane, depressed, sad because of this. Let me tell you why and how to deal with these people/situation:

  1. It’s not you, It’s them:¬†Yes, most of the time when people shower you with harsh words/ behavior, they themselves¬†are struggling with some inner issue they¬†aren’t¬†capable to¬†cope up.¬†I¬†am not saying that you should ignore everyone and live as you living but if ¬†unnecessarily someone is giving you pain don‚Äôt take them seriously because¬†it’s¬†not ¬†necessary ¬†that they are giving you advice¬†or scolding you for your wrongdoing,¬†its more likely¬†they are digging in¬†their own shit and unable to face their incompetence.
  2. Grab the¬†Good: No matter who is the¬†person, friend or¬†enemy, saying sweetly or badly just Grab the good piece of advice/¬†suggestion/ idea from them and use it for your own good. Everything/Everyone can inspire you. It’s¬†up¬†to you¬†whether you see the storm or the rain.¬†So you don‚Äôt need to absorb all the conversation with them but just the good part which can help you to grow and make you calm/happy.
  3. Ignorance is better sometimes: We often listen to people, read it on social media /print media that we should face the problems but I guess not every battle is worth fighting for. Simply ignore if the matter is not too big/important. Just listen and ignore as if you don’t bother.
  4. Forgive: Yeah Yeah,¬†I know we¬†aren‚Äôt¬†saints ūüėČ But actually forgiveness isn‚Äôt for them¬†it’s for our own peace of mind.¬†By forgiving others we give up on thinking of the same person or matter again and again and it makes us calm and is good for our sanity.¬†I am not saying to forgive and be friendly with those people,¬†just forgive and forget.
  5. Mind your own business: Don’t keep on thinking who is saying what. Just focus on your own health,  own growth,  own family,  own career. In short Mind your own business. By concentrating on your personal growth, you must be less likely to think of others. Do your own work and think of YOU rather than others.
  6. Keep Calm:¬†If someone is arguing,¬†shouting¬†just leave that place for a while and go in the¬†fresh¬†air and if it is not possible to go anywhere then just say OK to finish the same. Don‚Äôt¬†argue or criticize because if you are doing the same, you will make them more energetic to fight further,¬†As¬†you know arguments feeds the fury. Saying okay¬†doesn’t¬†mean that they are right and you are wrong on the contrary it means you can not go down to their level.

All in all I want to say, not everyone advises you wrong or scold you for your bad. We do have family and close friends who did the same but for our good/benefit/growth.The point is, do not take criticism from everyone and punish your self and your sanity.

Be open-minded,  Be calm!

God Bless!

Faith n Love




Hi Everyone. Today is a special day as it’s a Birthday of a very special and close person in my life-KUKU.

Beautiful Birthday Cakes For Friends Inspirational Birthday Wish Beautiful Cake For kuku

You must be thinking why am I sitting here and writing this instead of going to that person. Well, it’s not very easy sometimes especially when your person is in other Country. So here I am expressing my feelings and happiness to that very close Girl of mine and with all of you.

Birthday is a very special occasion for the person having it and equally to the person who you are having a close identity in your life. When you are in one city you can run to the GF/bf/friend/family of yours and hug them with good wishes. But when you are away then too the excitement remains the same it’s just that the intensity of wishes and the feelings get multiplies hundred times.

Yes, we do have social media to connect but a handwritten/ self-typed a letter, a video, a memorable gift (In case you have the address hahaha) is a good way to express your true joy and wishes.

Here I wish my very beloved ‚ÄúKuku‚ÄĚ

The most Happiest and Prosperous Birthday ever.

May God showers his choicest blessings on you every day.

Happy Birthday.


God Bless !


Faith n Love


Expect Less РStay Cool 

We are individuals. Connected with different people,societies, groups, relations but still  Individuals. Often we complain that we are stressed/hurt because of others. We blame it on our spouse, kids, friends, peers etc. But we never try to think the base of the problem ‚ÄďOur Expectations!

Yeah I know you must be thinking these people are close to us, we did so much for them, it’s their responsibility to listen to us/do as we tell them or we told them to do so as we care about them etc.

All these reasons doesn’t matter actually. The cause of our pain & stress is our expectations from them. Let me tell you, nobody in this world can be bound by anyone.We all have the right to act as we want, though I am not saying that omit your duties at the office or home.The thing is just because someone is close to you it doesn‚Äôt mean you have all the rights to restrict their independence or free will.

Don‚Äôt push people to act/think or say as per your wish.Not only this will hurt you but also it will push them away from you.Most importantly it will suck your own inner peace, calmness & composure.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of not having expectations from others:

1. Priority & Urgency: Only you can understand the priority & urgency of your work and no one else. If you keep expecting from others to do your work. It‚Äôs likely to get delayed, mismanaged or totally forgotten. Other than you nobody can take your work that much seriously. Better to finish most of your urgent work by yourself.

2. Free from Stress: When we expect things from others and they refuse or forget to do so then it creates stress and insecurities in our mind. We create thousands of thoughts over it unnecessarily and keep on thinking about it again and again. The less you expect from others the less stressed you will be.

3. No Hurts: When someone close to us, Spouse, Kids, family, friends, relatives failed to meet our expectations then we feel hurt. Sometimesit’s a small disappointment and sometimes it leads to a chronic heartbreak. So why to give yourself so many negative emotions & traumas, Do not expect in the first place.

4. Healthy Relations: When we impose expectations on people (I am not talking about professional) they feel suffocated. However, they do it anyway because of love/obligation/respect but they do feel uneasy. This creates distance in relations. To pursue loving & healthy relations don‚Äôt expect from others, especially your loved ones.

5. Creativity: People who don‚Äôt expect from others are more creative than others.They get ample chances/angels to think about their work/project/issue because they know it the best.They put more effort into their work to get done.They work with more efficiency and focus.

I hope, after reading this you will do more and expect less.


Faith n Love


Get rid of your stress !!

Mind never sleeps. Even though we sleep for a while , Brain is still working. In a day we have approx 60-70 Thousand thoughts which keeps on rotating the whole day at our mind slate.

We are in so much stress now a days for one reason or another.Reason can be anything,Relations,Work,Studies,Finance,Health & so on.We keep on thinking over a problematic thought or number of thoughts again and again.That causes stress, not only in our mind but also in our body and both became weak.We can’t control the thoughts but we can control our mind and reactions to stay calm.

Let’s have a look how to let go the stress & calm your mind:

1. Check your inner chatter : Yes, we keep on chatting inside about a situation or another the whole day or a large part of the day. Try to tame it.Rather saying negative about yourself or a problem , keep on saying I can do it,I love myself, I am able to handle this,This too shall pass.Make your inner words positive and motivating.By doing this not only you will create a good self image but also your way of thinking will change.It helps long way in calming your mind.

2. Positive mental attitude : Whenever a situation arises, think positively about it.Rather thinking why,when,how it happened or happening, Think about Now what can be done to resolve it.Sometimes problems are not to obstruct you but to instruct you,Learn the lesson to Look at the brighter side always.

3. Live in the present : Most of us are in stress because of thinking about the past or about the future.Both of them isnt in our hands.We are only having the present.Make it better.Think about the present day scenario and what you can do about it.The rest will be settled automatically if you make your present worthy.

4 Exercise: Exercise is a good stress buster.I am not saying go to the gym and spend half of the day there,Nope! Just do some sort of exercise so that your body can release the toxins.Go for a walk, yoga,meditation,cardio,swimming,stair climbing,boxing or simply a deep breathing will do.The more you take the fresh air inside you the more your brain will be cooled down.

5. Stop Blaming: I know people can hurt us knowingly or unknowingly. But by blaming them we give them authority to control our mind and moods.Take charge of what happened to you and think what lesson you got from this situation and how to grow out of it.By doing this you can control your mind,mood swings and reactions.

6.Sleep Well: I know work is important but so your health.Give your self a good night sleep.It means not only improve the quantity of sleep but the quality of sleep as well.Switch of all your gadgets or keep them away from you.Dont watch any videos or TV before going to bed.Try not to think about anything but if you cannot do it just think of something that makes you smile.And with the good image close your eyes and sleep.

7.Love your self : It is the most important thing to remain clam and stress free. Above all love yourself. Do whatever makes you happy (without hurting people). Join some hobby class, spend time with family & friends, watch comedy movies, Dance, Sing, write, cook, paint, etc. just do what makes you feel warm and gives you joy.

8. Grab positive information only: whenever you are in a bad mood listening to a self-development audio, video, or read aa motivating book. It helps in reducing your stress and channelize your mood into positivity. Don’t read/listen/watch anything bad or negative especially newspapers, in the morning because at this time the mind is in the most adaptive form. Whatever is your intake at this time will affect your thoughts the whole day. Think of good things in the morning and also when you go to bed and notice the difference between the past you and the new you.

9. Surround yourself with positive people: Our company plays a dominant role in our thought process/mood swings. Stay away from the people who are negative in their approach or bully you or make fun of others or having the “Glass is half empty” approach. Surround your self with people who are positive talkers, who motivate you, see the good in you, emphasize on good things about life.

I hope and wish you will work on it and keep yourself stress-free.

God Bless!

Faith n Love,


Meeting with a special person after so long :)

Hey there ! All you lovely people.

We all have some people in our lives who are very special to us.They can be our family members,our friends,our gf-bf or Tagless relations. Sometimes life make us move in different directions. We get busy/stuck/engaged with one thing or another and just go with the flow.It doesn’t mean we forget them.They are always in our mind but because of some reasons we stay away for a while.

But all of a sudden when you get a chance to meet them, It is a moment of immense joy.

Let’s have a look what happens when we meet our special person/people.

1. Happiness: Obviously it’s a happy moment.We get so happy & excited while seeing them after so long.Anyone can see your eyes and tell that you are going through a wonderful emotion and infact no one else is required to say that because you know that actually you are filled with joy ūüôā

2. Silence : Yep,A moment of silence is always there because you want to see them how they are now,how they look now and a memory of the past glimple of theirs comes into your mind.

3. Short of words : We have so much to say,so much to share but we get stuck at from where to start the conversation.We are so filled with emotions & joy that sometimes we are short of words.

4. Sharing & Listening : As we get settled with our emotional outbursts we share so many things.Not just sharing we want to listen from them that how they are,how’s the life going, what are the future plans etc.We do share pains & feelings and are likely to be with each other in thick & thin.

5. Food & Ambiance: Well it doesn’t matter where we are sitting and what we ordered to eat as we are so busy in talking to them and staring at them that sometimes our hot coffee becomes cold coffee with out any extra charge ūüėČ

6. Promises : At the end of the meeting we became sad & happy both.We wish them best for their lives and make promises to get in touch.Sometimes promises are given with a tight hug & sometimes they are unsaid, well told and understood without any words just with an eye talk.

May God bless all of you and your loved/special ones!

Love n Faith


Your Thoughts + Your Feelings = Your Reality!

Hi Guys! Hope you all are doing great at the beginning of this freshly arrived the year 2018.

As the year has started, some of you must be having some resolutions for the New Year and some of you must be thinking what is the need of any resolution just go with the flow. You are absolutely right as it is totally your choice to make a change in your life or not. Only we can make or change our reality. Ahmnn I know you must be thinking that this is all rubbish, how can we make or change our current situation as none of us want any illness, job loss, family issues, relationship hurts, financial losses but they do occur without our wish. No doubt situation occurs but how to react, feel about it…Is totally our choice.

Everything in this world is made of energy and vibrations, the human body itself. Whatever you think or feel it makes your vibrations and when you emit it outside by saying, thinking, feeling it attracts the identical things and situations in your life which can be positive or negative as per your thoughts and feelings. For Ex: Think of a bad day when you thought or felt and kept on saying that it is a bad day, you received more of bad news or situations on that particular day Or just Remind of a beautiful morning when you were happy, enjoying the day and more good things happened to you.

This is not a philosophy or illusion or coincidence its pure science and universal law working behind it I;e Law of Attraction 

( you must have read/heard about quantum physics it tells the same)It works on free will as it cannot be imposed or isn’t hypnosis or magic to change others thoughts and behavior.

According to this universal law what we keep on thinking and believing it starts happening to us and becomes our reality. In easy words whatever you think and start believing on a continuous basis will come to you sooner or later. Let us know how we can use this law for us:

  1. For Financial Gains:  Don’t keep on thinking or worrying about the payments or loans instead start thinking about abundance, the abundance of cash, cheques instead of bills. Shift your focus from negative to positive aspects and you will see money will flow to you in any form either in cash or a new idea to make money. Results will be fruitful but you have to believe strongly that you are already having all the finances you want, whether you have it right now or not and feel joy.

  1. For Good Relationships: No matter you are single, married, Looking for a romantic relationship, strong friendship or want to have peace and love in family members, everything is possible. Just start saying to you that all your relationships are loving and strongly knitted and you will see those who are hurting you will either become calm or will go far from you and eventually everything will be on its right place. If you are single and want a loving partner start believing that you are already having him/her and be happy, behave like an engaged person, treat your self as you want your partner to treat you, be kind to everyone and you will find a beautiful relation very soon.

  1. For a New Job: To get a new job or new opportunity in life start behaving as you are already having it. Wake up early in the morning, have a walk, dress well, have your dinner and go outside home and do whatever you want to; Go for a movie, for a skill development class or even for an interview. Think of what you will do with your first salary/income, visualize it as you are having it in your hands/bank account. The more you think & believe it the more quickly it will come to you.

  1. For Healthy Mind & Body: If you want good health keep on thinking healthy. Even if your body is not well right now you start believing that you are perfectly all right. Don’t spread negativity about your health by saying a number of people that you are not well as it will bring more negativity towards your health, always say I am healthy I am perfectly all right whenever somebody asks you about your health. Continue with the medications but create powerful thoughts and belief about healthy you and you will see surprising changes in your health.

  1. For Necessities or luxuries: What you want in your life either necessary things or luxuries just give good vibrations to it by thinking good about it. Never think that you are not capable of having those things due to any blab la reason. Make you believe strong and thoughts positive about the things you want and you will have it directly or will get an idea to have it in your life. Just keep on working to get what you want positively and for sure you will find that thing or even better things in your life.

  1. For Self Respect & Confidence: If you wanna get respect from others start giving it to yourself and others around you. The more you ‚Äėll be good towards you and others the more you will get it from others. Nobody is gonna love you if you don‚Äôt love yourself and moreover, a person who cannot love him/her self is not able to love others as well. Think good about yourself and people around you and soon the scene will shift from bad to good, good to better.

  1. For Peace & Prosperity: Peace is not outside its an inner thing. To have peace in your mind, life, relations, work start thinking peaceful thoughts, imagine peaceful scenarios, say calming words to you and people you are surrounded by. Don’t think about scarcity instead think of the abundance of health wealth and prosperity. As you emit prosper thought and feel good about it, things will fasten their way towards you.

All in all, I can say it’s a believers thing just like you believe, there is god and if you don’t then he is just a statue.

God Bless!

Faith n Love 


Early Morning Treasure !

Good morning, all the lovely people out there ! In today’s busy schedule we are moving at a fast pace. While doing our work, day becomes noon and noon to full moon. We miss the early morning nature dose and the basking in the sun. 

Yes right we have so much to do,ontime office arrival,meetings, lectures, discussions,paperwork,presentations,business tours,household work,children,social tasks bla bla bla but wait for a while before jumping into the everyday routine of yours and cherish the prevalage that nature offers us in abundance.

“The Early Morning Treasure”

Early Morning has a bunch of good things for us like:

1.Freshness in the air : No traffic ,no jams,No dust,No pollution, no smoke , at this time the air is very fresh and light . Go for a walk and get your lungs filled with the right intake.

2. Beautiful surroundings : In the morning there is a charming surrounding outside the closed doors.Have a gaze at the Cool orange sun,greener leaves ,dark trees, refreshing breeze and a new uncovered sky.

3. Calmness : It gives us peace and calmness which we don’t get from any other time of the day.At this point of time everyting is very slow,peaceful and clam.We can walk ,do yoga, read a book, sip a warm cup of tea or simply do nothing but enjoy the beauty of silence.

4. Closeness to nature : Early mornings gives us the opportunity to get close to the nature and it’s belongings i;e We can enjoy  chirping of the birds, the sound of the wind, the movement of leaves ,the smell of moist earth/ trees ,can sit or walk in the woods for some time and admire god’s beautiful creations.

5. Easy time : There is no hustle at this point of time, early risers knows the beauty and ease of it. We get ample of time to do our work , to enjoy the morning freshness, rythm of the nature ,our own company and top of all stress less moments.

There is no wrong in the saying – Early to bed and early to rise , makes a man healthy wealthy and wise . Indeed we get all these from the nature’s treasure in the most beautiful time of the day.

Rise n shine ūüôā

God bless !

Faith n Love