Early Morning Treasure !

Good morning, all the lovely people out there ! In today’s busy schedule we are moving at a fast pace. While doing our work, day becomes noon and noon to full moon. We miss the early morning nature dose and the basking in the sun. 

Yes right we have so much to do,ontime office arrival,meetings, lectures, discussions,paperwork,presentations,business tours,household work,children,social tasks bla bla bla but wait for a while before jumping into the everyday routine of yours and cherish the prevalage that nature offers us in abundance.

“The Early Morning Treasure”

Early Morning has a bunch of good things for us like:

1.Freshness in the air : No traffic ,no jams,No dust,No pollution, no smoke , at this time the air is very fresh and light . Go for a walk and get your lungs filled with the right intake.

2. Beautiful surroundings : In the morning there is a charming surrounding outside the closed doors.Have a gaze at the Cool orange sun,greener leaves ,dark trees, refreshing breeze and a new uncovered sky.

3. Calmness : It gives us peace and calmness which we don’t get from any other time of the day.At this point of time everyting is very slow,peaceful and clam.We can walk ,do yoga, read a book, sip a warm cup of tea or simply do nothing but enjoy the beauty of silence.

4. Closeness to nature : Early mornings gives us the opportunity to get close to the nature and it’s belongings i;e We can enjoy  chirping of the birds, the sound of the wind, the movement of leaves ,the smell of moist earth/ trees ,can sit or walk in the woods for some time and admire god’s beautiful creations.

5. Easy time : There is no hustle at this point of time, early risers knows the beauty and ease of it. We get ample of time to do our work , to enjoy the morning freshness, rythm of the nature ,our own company and top of all stress less moments.

There is no wrong in the saying – Early to bed and early to rise , makes a man healthy wealthy and wise . Indeed we get all these from the nature’s treasure in the most beautiful time of the day.

Rise n shine 🙂

God bless !

Faith n Love



Last Day At Office !

Hola ! All the beautiful people out there . Yeah I know I was disappeared for a while :p but I am back now.Okay no more random talk ,Today I am here to share few things about our workplace where we work for a long time,spend most of our days,learn new things,have new experiences and yes make friends.

So what happens when it’s your final day at your office??
1. A bunch of Mixed feelings : Yes we are happy when we get a new job with better salary or getting retired and going to have rest but definitely there is a corner of our heart and mind which is attached to our office and feeling down while leaving that place.After all we have so many memories and people associated with it.

2. Final Visit  : Before leaving we surely never forget to take a round of our workplace the last time.Each of its corner,room has a memory of its own and we want to recall them once before going.

3 . Farewell : It’s the most emotional moment of out official life when everyone is showing love and appreciation towards you and giving you good wishes for the future.Mementos are given to you so that you can always have this special memory with you.After the party,chit chat you leave the office by bidding good bye with all the beautiful memories & experiences associated with it.

Believe me, it’s hard to leave the place where you had a lot of Good time and experiences. But every end comes with a new beginning, So enjoy !
God bless !

Faith n Love


Manage Your Anger -It’s consuming you and not others.

World is full of geniuses & Stupids and sometimes we are one of them.In our daily routine we face many situations and people where we have to get out of our comfort zone and yes out of mind too…

Anger is the exact word we can use for this.We get angry on many things from a little noise to a big rejection. We yell at people concerned or not concerned to the problem,we behave weirdly or in worst cases we break things or hurt ourself/people as well.

This is not at all good.Every situation can be handled ,every problem can be resolved with patience and right actions and if it is not in your hand then there is no point to react irrationally on it.

Let’s see how this habit of yours can harm you in long run:

1. It’s a Habit : Yes you get me right anger is not an expression or reaction it’s an habit.if you wont control when you are becoming angry and you keep on giving weird expressions/ gestures mark my words you will definitely develop nasty habit of becoming angry on most probably each n ever small thing and you won’t even realise it till will become hard to change.

2. Murderer of peace of mind : Anger kills your inner peace.It will not only harm your calmness but also will damage your positive attitude.An angry person isn’t able to think in good manner.It may or may not harm other person but definitely it will damage you from within.

3 . Depletes your Goodwill : NO one likes harsh words/ reactions . Once you set an angry bird image in people’s mind nobody will respect you or infact no one will be happy to be with you.A moment of anger can change your whole character infront of society.

4 . Bitter Relationships : Believe me nobody is gonna check what is in your heart.People will only assume what they will see. Each of your angry reaction or statement will create distance between you and your loved ones.

5. Cause of Health issues :You yourself pushing you towards illness. When you are angry your mind starts running and creates a number of negative thoughts and reactions.It damages your nerves.Due to this health issues arises like depression,stress,facial twitching, shivering, insomnia, High BP and what not.

6. Financial loss : Whether you are doing job or running a business few essential things are required, Calmness,quick decision making power,analytical skills, soft as well as strong communication skills and a smiling face.If you are an angry person you will lack all of this and forsure it will lead to financial losses.

So basically your anger is consuming you and not someone else.Keep a regular check on it,apply stress management techniques (Meditation,Yoga,Deep Breathing etc)and stop it at the initial level before it goes out of your hand.

Take care & Live healthy.

God Bless !

Faith n Love


When your best friend is Pregnant :)

Hurray! It’s a happy moment when you get to know that your bestie is going to become a mommy 🙂

You heart is beating fast,all the butterflies suddenly comes to your stomach and you are jumping in joy .Indeed it’s a very special thing for not only for your friend but also for YOU.

You become overwhelmed with emotions and you start feeling a unsaid bond with the little fellow.

Let’s have a look on the things you do when your best friend gives you the,   GOOD NEWS 🙂

1. Google Doodle : you start searching and reading everything single topic on pregnancy and care of mother and child.

2. Advisory Board : you keep on giving advises to your friend about each n every To do’s and Not to do’s. On call or over messages you just say Do this and don’t do that.

3. Imaginations : your mind suddenly go to the imaginary world where you see what you will do when you will be with the Little Angel and how it will feel when you will see your friend becoming and performing motherly duties.

4 . Shopping Hopping : This is the hot topic at your mind these days that what to shop for the would be mother,what books,what food,what things etc and yes for the baby also.You just want the best of everything for your friends and the baby.

5. Prayers : This is the most precious thing you do for your friend and the little one.It comes naturally. You kneel down before the Almighty God to take care of the mother and the child so well and give strength to both of them in delivery / pre and post delivery time .

These moments with your friend will make your relation more stronger and happier,Enjoy every single of it.

Yayyyyyyyyyyy ! Yipeeeeeeee 🙂 🙂 🙂
God Bless! 

Faith n Love


Karma and Destiny 

Life is full of surprises, a lot of action is involved and we are playing our part in it.Often we hear the terms like,As you sow so shall you reap,Do good have good etc.Sometimes we get unexpected gains and other times we may face problems without any prior intimation or infact without doing anything bad.Do you ever think why people say all this or what exactly is the scenario behind it?

Our Karma !  Yes, “The law of cause & effect” and this law is very accurate. Nomatter what you give , you will get sooner or later in same amount or plus.Karma is connected with our destiny.There is no good luck or bad luck it’s just the fruit of our deeds we performed recently or Long ago (might be in our previous birth also ). 

Sometimes we face difficulties with different people we are surrounded by. They can be strangers,relatives,most importantly family members or very closer people.We get unexpected hurts/ pain from them and wonder that we have done nothing bad to them but still they are hurting us. Why? The answer is karma , our karmic connection with them.Every person comes in our life has a reason/purpose.Either we are going to get something(Experience, Lessons) from them or to give them.It’s connected to the kind of act we performed with different people in our current life or the previous one or vice versa.

Now we came to know that we get what we offer .Our destiny is in our hands only it’s our choice to make it good or bad. Our karmas makes our destiny. If you will do good to a person,its destined that you are going to get the same in future no matter from the same person or the other but you WILL.Likewise if you are acting selfish or giving pain to someone you are going to get the same too.

Hence keep on doing good,love unconditionally,help people, get involved in charity or simply be the reason of someone’s smile .Know that you are filling up your deposits in the karma bank  and you are going to enjoy the amount and interest later on. 

God is watching 🙂

Stay blessed !

Faith n Love 


Silence Please !

We are living in a democratic country .We all have right to speak,share our opinions and that’s really good.We should be communicative so that we can tell and ask for what we want / need. But sometimes we want to prove our point, win the discussion or argument & satisfy our ego but trust me being silent is far better than words.

You must be thinking what silence can do ? what is the benefit of saying nothing? Without uttering a word what we are going to get?


Let me reveal what are the benefits:

1. There is no need to talk all the time or in every topic/discussion.Being silent is a smart choice than to push ourself in waste & stressful arguments which cannot produce any good fruit.More over it increases your goodwill in the eyes of elders and people you are surrounded by.
2. By adopting silence we can preserve & restore our mental peace and energy which we unknowingly lose by         jumping into less important talks/gossips/arguments.

3. A moment of silence can give you much relaxation from all the stress we gather in our whole day from school, office, workshop, home etc

4. Silent people can observe things/people/situations better than a talking parrot because they can locate their intelligence and energy in much better option.

5. Most importantly we need some space in our life.All the time we are surrounded by a number of people to whom we communicate on daily basis and gather a clutter of thoughts wich makes us feel heavy and tired. Hence take some time for youself from your busy schedule ,sit silently and enjoy your own company 🙂

I am not saying remain quiet and let the people take advantage of you or exploit you. Here the point is don’t get indulge in stupid things and talks which has no benefit and can make you even more stressed. Hence choose the wiser option and stay cooooool 😉
God bless !

Faith n Love



Family is similar to a tree and we are like branches. We grow in different directions but our roots remains the same.

In our day to day life we usually forget the value of our family or being part of the family but we do realise it in joys and most importantly in sorrows because our family is always there for us when no one else bothers. 

Sometimes we think we are good enough for ourselves, can lead life on our own but that’s true to a certain point of time.After that we do need a family to share our life,our happiness, our sadness,ups n downs of life. No matter how often we fight or having different point of view but at the end of the day our family is always there to support us in difficult time,illness,sorrows and to cheer up us in joys and happy moments.

Having a family is a bliss. Cherish to be a part of it.

God Bless !

Faith n Love