Safety of your school going child! 

Hi everyone. The topic I am going to present is of utmost importance for parents who have school going  children. Now a days every parent is busy, being in business, Job, household chores. They can not keep an eye on children day & night. Especially when they are outside the home or you can say going to school.

You cannot be with your child all the time but you can take some safety actions to keep your child safe & secure.Some tips are as below:

1.    Get to know the school transport system:  If your child is going through school vehicle (van, bus)then you must know the time of pick and drop, vehicle number,  driver’s name and emergency contact number of school/ transport in charge etc.

2.    Instructions to School:You should give clear instructions to the school that who will be coming to school to pick up your kid, in case you are not using school van. If someone is going to school to pick up the child and not you, then contact the school or class teacher in advance to give the information about the person.

3.   Emergency Contact Number: Always give your all time available phone number to the school/transport in charge/class teacher so that they can contact you immediately in case of an emergency. You can also put your Address and contact number slip in the pocket or bag of your child so that they can contact you directly or someone else can for them .

4. Talk to your child : Talk to your kid in person about their safety. Tell them not to take anything from strangers and never go with them. In case they feel uncomfortable with any thing they should talk to class teacher in case they are in school or call the parents. 

5.   Password Protect : Password, I guess you very much know about this word Right!  Now a password can protect your kid too, apart from your phone. HAHA! Always give a password to your child if someone is coming to pick them apart from you. Your child will ask the password to that person.  If it will match then only the kid will go with them. You cannot give your child a mobile phone but you can surely give the password. Isn’t it a good idea.

I hope now you understood the simple points which can be very helpful for your child’s safety.

God Bless

Faith n Love, 

R. J




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