Your Thoughts + Your Feelings = Your Reality!

Hi Guys! Hope you all are doing great at the beginning of this freshly arrived the year 2018.

As the year has started, some of you must be having some resolutions for the New Year and some of you must be thinking what is the need of any resolution just go with the flow. You are absolutely right as it is totally your choice to make a change in your life or not. Only we can make or change our reality. Ahmnn I know you must be thinking that this is all rubbish, how can we make or change our current situation as none of us want any illness, job loss, family issues, relationship hurts, financial losses but they do occur without our wish. No doubt situation occurs but how to react, feel about it…Is totally our choice.

Everything in this world is made of energy and vibrations, the human body itself. Whatever you think or feel it makes your vibrations and when you emit it outside by saying, thinking, feeling it attracts the identical things and situations in your life which can be positive or negative as per your thoughts and feelings. For Ex: Think of a bad day when you thought or felt and kept on saying that it is a bad day, you received more of bad news or situations on that particular day Or just Remind of a beautiful morning when you were happy, enjoying the day and more good things happened to you.

This is not a philosophy or illusion or coincidence its pure science and universal law working behind it I;e Law of Attraction 

( you must have read/heard about quantum physics it tells the same)It works on free will as it cannot be imposed or isn’t hypnosis or magic to change others thoughts and behavior.

According to this universal law what we keep on thinking and believing it starts happening to us and becomes our reality. In easy words whatever you think and start believing on a continuous basis will come to you sooner or later. Let us know how we can use this law for us:

  1. For Financial Gains:  Don’t keep on thinking or worrying about the payments or loans instead start thinking about abundance, the abundance of cash, cheques instead of bills. Shift your focus from negative to positive aspects and you will see money will flow to you in any form either in cash or a new idea to make money. Results will be fruitful but you have to believe strongly that you are already having all the finances you want, whether you have it right now or not and feel joy.

  1. For Good Relationships: No matter you are single, married, Looking for a romantic relationship, strong friendship or want to have peace and love in family members, everything is possible. Just start saying to you that all your relationships are loving and strongly knitted and you will see those who are hurting you will either become calm or will go far from you and eventually everything will be on its right place. If you are single and want a loving partner start believing that you are already having him/her and be happy, behave like an engaged person, treat your self as you want your partner to treat you, be kind to everyone and you will find a beautiful relation very soon.

  1. For a New Job: To get a new job or new opportunity in life start behaving as you are already having it. Wake up early in the morning, have a walk, dress well, have your dinner and go outside home and do whatever you want to; Go for a movie, for a skill development class or even for an interview. Think of what you will do with your first salary/income, visualize it as you are having it in your hands/bank account. The more you think & believe it the more quickly it will come to you.

  1. For Healthy Mind & Body: If you want good health keep on thinking healthy. Even if your body is not well right now you start believing that you are perfectly all right. Don’t spread negativity about your health by saying a number of people that you are not well as it will bring more negativity towards your health, always say I am healthy I am perfectly all right whenever somebody asks you about your health. Continue with the medications but create powerful thoughts and belief about healthy you and you will see surprising changes in your health.

  1. For Necessities or luxuries: What you want in your life either necessary things or luxuries just give good vibrations to it by thinking good about it. Never think that you are not capable of having those things due to any blab la reason. Make you believe strong and thoughts positive about the things you want and you will have it directly or will get an idea to have it in your life. Just keep on working to get what you want positively and for sure you will find that thing or even better things in your life.

  1. For Self Respect & Confidence: If you wanna get respect from others start giving it to yourself and others around you. The more you ‘ll be good towards you and others the more you will get it from others. Nobody is gonna love you if you don’t love yourself and moreover, a person who cannot love him/her self is not able to love others as well. Think good about yourself and people around you and soon the scene will shift from bad to good, good to better.

  1. For Peace & Prosperity: Peace is not outside its an inner thing. To have peace in your mind, life, relations, work start thinking peaceful thoughts, imagine peaceful scenarios, say calming words to you and people you are surrounded by. Don’t think about scarcity instead think of the abundance of health wealth and prosperity. As you emit prosper thought and feel good about it, things will fasten their way towards you.

All in all, I can say it’s a believers thing just like you believe, there is god and if you don’t then he is just a statue.

God Bless!

Faith n Love 


Author: rjfaithnlove

Hi .I am a simple & unique person like you. Not an expert but can give you a friendly suggestion so that you can face and overcome your day to day problems, and live a positive joyful life .You can mail me at my mail ID: whenever I get time I will respond. God bless !

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