Early Morning Treasure !

Good morning, all the lovely people out there ! In today’s busy schedule we are moving at a fast pace. While doing our work, day becomes noon and noon to full moon. We miss the early morning nature dose and the basking in the sun. 

Yes right we have so much to do,ontime office arrival,meetings, lectures, discussions,paperwork,presentations,business tours,household work,children,social tasks bla bla bla but wait for a while before jumping into the everyday routine of yours and cherish the prevalage that nature offers us in abundance.

“The Early Morning Treasure”

Early Morning has a bunch of good things for us like:

1.Freshness in the air : No traffic ,no jams,No dust,No pollution, no smoke , at this time the air is very fresh and light . Go for a walk and get your lungs filled with the right intake.

2. Beautiful surroundings : In the morning there is a charming surrounding outside the closed doors.Have a gaze at the Cool orange sun,greener leaves ,dark trees, refreshing breeze and a new uncovered sky.

3. Calmness : It gives us peace and calmness which we don’t get from any other time of the day.At this point of time everyting is very slow,peaceful and clam.We can walk ,do yoga, read a book, sip a warm cup of tea or simply do nothing but enjoy the beauty of silence.

4. Closeness to nature : Early mornings gives us the opportunity to get close to the nature and it’s belongings i;e We can enjoy  chirping of the birds, the sound of the wind, the movement of leaves ,the smell of moist earth/ trees ,can sit or walk in the woods for some time and admire god’s beautiful creations.

5. Easy time : There is no hustle at this point of time, early risers knows the beauty and ease of it. We get ample of time to do our work , to enjoy the morning freshness, rythm of the nature ,our own company and top of all stress less moments.

There is no wrong in the saying – Early to bed and early to rise , makes a man healthy wealthy and wise . Indeed we get all these from the nature’s treasure in the most beautiful time of the day.

Rise n shine πŸ™‚

God bless !

Faith n Love


Author: rjfaithnlove

Hi .I am a simple & unique person like you. Not an expert but can give you a friendly suggestion so that you can face and overcome your day to day problems, and live a positive joyful life .You can mail me at my mail ID: RJ.faithnlove@gmail.com whenever I get time I will respond. God bless !

8 thoughts on “Early Morning Treasure !”

    1. Kudos to you for reminding me. I miss those long mornings walks, down the trail. In between my daily routine and city life humdrum,I miss to observe something, which is stable and serene and calls for my attention “Nature. ” Will make a point and try to be a morning person, again. Thanks

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