True Happiness :)

In today’s world we are running after achieving success, perfection, materialistic possessions, status etc and thinking that these things will make us happy.Day & Night we are struggling hard,doing overtimes, sleeping less to make presentations,skipping family time for official meetings,escaping holidays for business tours to achieve what we desire.

To have all these materialistic things we are actually forgetting the basic desire and need of a person, that is – True Happiness And believe me it’s not dependent on all those luxury possessions you wanna have.

Now,let’s know how to achieve this basic yet most impoartant desire of a person:

1. Achieve Small things : Don’t bound yourself to achieve big targets for being happy.Do small things on daily basis that makes you feel good.For example-Play with your kids, gardening,cooking,watch your favourite game or show.This will make you happy and in good mood on daily basis and not occasionally.

2 . Pamper yourself : Give yourself some treat,go for a spa,have your favourite food,shop for your wardrobe,have a new make over, have a trip to your favourite holiday destination,peruse your hobbies after all it’s your duty to make yourself happy and not someone elses.

3 . Exercise : Make your body move.Dance,zumba,Gym,Aerobics,Yoga or a simple walk in the park,just give your body the gift of exercise. This will not only make you healthier and fit but also will enhance your mood,lift up your spirit and self-confidence.

4 . Friends & Family : These are the core pillars of our life and joy. Spend a good amount of time with your family and friends.Share your problems,feelings, experience & thoughts and ask for their views,guidance,help and support. They are always there for you and will provide you best of everything.Believe me you will feel much happier and cherished among them.

5 . Help & Support : I know you are busy enough but make time to help people in need.The more you give people no matter it’s money or a simple advice the more it will give you satisfaction and happiness. Try to make people smile because of you and I am sure you will get much brighter smile on your own face.

6 . Think positive : We often hear this from our elders and friends but we just ignore it as if it has no value.Actually the reason behind this is big and real.This is an vibrational universe. What we think or what kinda thought we are having will attract the likewise thoughts and situations. When you are thinking good you will attract more good to you & when you are feeling bad you will attract more bad news to yourself.So choose wisely what you are thinking and make it a habit to think positively in all situations.

7 . Gratitude : Make gratitude your attitude. Thanksgiving in all manner is good. When you give thanks for something it automatically gives smile on your face and also at the face of the person you are giving thanks.The more you give thanks for the things your are having already the more life will give you reasons to be thankful.

8 . Unconditional Love : Love unconditionally.Don’t let the expectations and obligations ruin you relations.Don’t give love forcefully or overdo things for someone but if you actually love someone or people around you,love them without conditions. Love is a wonderful feeling, feel it and let others feel it through you as well.Trust me it will enhance your joy and will give you true happiness.

9 . Peace of mind : Relax your mind.Do meditations,chanting,practice mindfulness so that your mind can get deep relaxation and stress,anxiety,anger will no longer disturb your inner peace. All this will make you calm & bring joy in your life and in the life of your Nears & Dears as well.

10 . Prayer : Don’t forget to make sometime to kneel down infront of almighty God. Pray daily. I am not saying to spend most of your time in doing spiritual activities but to give just 5-10 minutes with pure feelings and attention towards God and his teachings.Method of prayer can be of your choice but your intentions should be genuine .After all our maker also seeks for our company and undivided attention for few minutes a day.This will make you feel more connected towards God and Inner Happiness.

Now make all these your daily routine and you will achieve True Happiness in your life for sure.

God bless !

Faith n Love


Author: rjfaithnlove

Hi .I am a simple & unique person like you. Not an expert but can give you a friendly suggestion so that you can face and overcome your day to day problems, and live a positive joyful life .You can mail me at my mail ID: whenever I get time I will respond. God bless !

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