So,You broke up and now want him/her back !!!

Hmm… It’s complicated aye !
Sometimes we initiate the breakup due to any xyz reasons and regret it later on. Then we find ourself confined under the thoughts of Loss,rejection,recentment, grief,self anger & guilt.

There are so many questions crawling in your head;she/he will talk to me or not, will he/she forgive me,what would be his/her reaction if i approach ,will he/she accept me back,may be I am no more good for him/her,is there someone else in her/his life and so on……

Don’t worry you still have a chance.You Yes you hear it right.No matter what is the current situation ,You do still have a chance if he/she still loves you. You just have to figure it out & approach them the right way.

Here are few suggestions you can apply while approaching them :

1.Initiate the conversation: I know this is tough but not that much in comparison to the pain they must be facing because of your wrong step.Start it slowly just don’t push them or shower your texts & calls on them all of a sudden. Initiate it light heartedly & once they starts responding speed up the conversation rate and move to the next step asap.

2. Apologies : Sincerely apologies. Just open your heart in front of him/her.Tell how much you are sorry for what had happened. Clear your position but don’t even try to play the blame game.They must be having anger or pain and want to clear the air,listen to them with patience and accept your part .

3. Ego vs Love : Where there is ego there is no love and where there is love,ego can’t stand. Don’t think of showing any ego to them while approaching them. They must be wanting your love and care and not the bad words again. You must be knowing that they are already hurt due to the breakup. Now it’s time for you to express your true love and make them forget the past with your care & concern.

4 .Plan a date : Ask them out for a nice date or movie or dinner.Spend some quality time with them,talk about things you both like and cherish.If you are living in different city you still can spend time with them over video calls etc play music in the background which you both like.

5 .Propose: It is the hardest part because there are possibilities of rejection.But defeat only occurs when you don’t even take a faithful chance.So don’t give up at the last step of the love gate.State clearly that you love him/her alot with true intentions & want their presence in your life forever. Trust me if they truly loved you in the past and your intentions & efforts are genuine,there are bright chances of a favourable response and if it’s a No then too you will be out of the guit because atleast you tried Sincerely and of course it’s their decision now and you should respect it.

To sum up I just can say love is beautiful & precious.We can’t find it easily .If you know someone who truly loves you don’t let them go .Atleast try to get them back timely otherwise again you’ll regret for the chance not taken and losing them forever.

So just go for it.Good luck and God bless !

Faith n Love



24 responses to “So,You broke up and now want him/her back !!!”

  1. Very nice 🙂

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  2. Nice thinking

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  3. Very well written. Atleast people can know how to approach to apologies .keep it up

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  4. Many people write about heartbreak but this is something different, something new .keep going. Nice work

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  5. I wanna share smthng to u .can u plz gimme yr number if okay?

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  6. Yes you are right,we should try & apologies if we broke someone’s heart

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  7. Christopher.j Avatar

    Thanks for posting .my story is same I ve broken a girls heart who was deeply in love with me for some of my flaws and stupidity.I was scared how to talk her but now I will try .Yes or no will be her choice but I can’t miss the opportunity .Thanks a lot again

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  8. Nice article but if somebody will break my heart for any damn reason I will not forgive him as nobody has the right to make you cry and give you pain.

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  9. Agreed with celena.. believe in individualism. Broken relation like a mirror better to leave broken, than to hurt yourself trying to fix it.

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    1. Yes Raima,we should not accept that bullshit good for nothing person who can leave us for something or someone else .

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  10. Encouraging post 🙂

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  11. The most difficult task…interesting post😉😉😉

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  12. Life has no meaning unless you create it….it seems that you’re one for yourself….nice article….be happy 😀😀

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    1. Thanks Priya for reading 🙂


  13. You sound like you speak from personal experience. Only having been through something like this can one give helpful advice of such depth.
    Kindness – Robert.

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    1. Hi Robert .Thanks fr Reading. Yes everyone has personal issues.But if those incidents can help someone then why not.

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  14. nice post, thank you 🙂

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    1. So many fishes are in the sea. Move on dude.

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