Breakups ! Who’s Guilty ?

So the story starts with a click 😉

You saw him/her at school,coffee shop,down on the street, workstation. Stared into their eyes,had a crush,met them,got into the moment,initiated little chit chat and Bang !!!

Congratulations ! You are on the track of falling in love 🙂 Yes i can sense those butterflies crawling in the stomach when you talk to them.Air is refreshing, Everything feels so good and after few days that boy/girl came to you and said : “Will you be my gf/bf”

Omg Omg Omg that person himself/herself asked for the relationship .Wow ! Feeling like on top of the world .Finally you are in love.We make promises, commitments to be with each other till the end and get into the dreamy state.Most of the time we are calling & texting each other.Woooh heavenly feeling isn’t it.

After few days or months the rate of calls & texts from that person started declining. All those “Be mine,We are one indeed,I miss you ,I love yous”are now started converting into ” I am busy”,”There’s an important meeting”,”I am getting late”,”Its not working”,”You have changed” etc etc And finally the dooms day has come.He/She finally said that ” I need a break or I guess it’s over”

We call,we text,we beg,we shout, we cry infront of them but all in vain.The person who was the source of our smiles is now the reason of our tears.

So now can you tell me Who’s Guilty?You will say of course they are or maybe it was my mistake only.No no no no no no my dear.It’s not . Both the person are more or less guilty. Lemme tell you how & in future how to avoid the same situation:

1.Nature: Every body has a different nature & we can’t judge it in few days meeting or chats/calls.Before jumping into a relationship directly give yourself some time .Try to analyse the nature of the perosn,their motives, way of living and compare with you and then take decision that will you be okay to handle it in the long run.

2.Life prospects : We often listen that x left y by saying that our ways are different, I need to focus on the career,Studies first .Then why the hell that person wasn’t thinking of all this before asking you to get into a committed relationship with them. So make it clear at the beginning only and then decide peace fully weather to go with it or not.

3.Intentions : I know when we are in love we can’t judge the intentions of our lover at once because they are saying good words,showing so much care & love,pampering you etc but lemme tell you one thing ,every person who has wrong intentions will unknowingly give you signs like; apart from you they flirt with other people and then say i was kidding just,ignoring your calls & msgs but still online on the whtsapp and when you ask they’ll say it was official ,all of a sudden gets busy in an unexplanable work or meeting and so on..Just recognise it .If it’s just once or twice then it is okay but if it is more than that then it’s an alarming signal.

4.Space: Yes we want to be with them all the time over call or chat or everyday meetings but it’s human tendency to get bored with same repeated things.As a human being we need some personal space for us for our friends & family too.So don’t suffocate your partner with too much of you this will not only give them for their self but also to miss you more.

5.Jealousy: little jealousy is okay in every relation to spice it up but don’t make it a habit .It will backfire you in longrun.

6.Balance is necessary : You should neither take your partner for granted nor make them see you are drooling over them as both are harmful.Make a balance in it. Take care of them but give them chance to show your importance in their life too.

7.Respect : Every one has a self respect .Don’t hurt someone else’s and yours too.You don’t need to be someones pet dog and do whatever they say at the first place for the sake of being with them or in the fear of losing them.Trust me those who actually loves you will never make you look down again & again.If they do so & don’t even realise or apologies for their mistake, let them go and move on.
At the end I can  only say yes love is blind but you are not . We actually somehow can sense the betrayal or breakup before it actually happens but we ignore the signs for the sake of love and longing of being with our person.So please don’t get into a committed relationship before analyzing the facts else one of the person or both in the relation will end up crying and with pain in their hearts.

I hope this will help.God bless !
Faith n Love



Author: rjfaithnlove

Hi. I am a simple & unique person like you. Not an expert but can give you a friendly suggestion so that you can face and overcome your day-to-day problems, and live a positive joyful life. You can mail me at my mail ID: Whenever I get time I will respond. God bless !

4 thoughts on “Breakups ! Who’s Guilty ?”

      1. Yes first time too..if you have that much sense to recognise someone’s nature then u can save your heart from getting broken in the first place. Else time will make you learn everything .Stay alert! God bless


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