Make time for Yourself & The Nears n Dears …

Hey Fellows ,you must be thinking “Oh gosh ! uhhh another self love and bla bla article”

You know, I used to think the same as well till the day I found the secret of true happiness. 

We are living in the era of cut throat competition, rat race, power mindedness & lust for money . I am not the opponent of success but the question is At what cost ???

We are running after making money at the rapid speed,Buying luxuries,Travelling in business class,Having Gucci & Armani in our wardrobes and so on…is this true happiness actually?The fact is all these are just the social status symbols.

Where are we going? We are just engaged in money accumulating activities which will give us the world class medical facility in our end days.So that’s what we want right! A 5* or 7* hospital room & facilities ,a team of doctors and nurses at the end of our life journey ?

If you don’t want just that which I mentioned above, then follow what I am going to share.Trust me it will change you and your actual life status :

1. Love yourself : Yes, love your self because if we are unable to love ourself why would someone else will. Not only this will make you a happier person but it will also give you a charismatic personality.By loving thyself you will radiate confidence,love,strength and people with like mindedness will start getting attracted towards you and you will become more joyous and happy.So just stand in front of the mirror and start saying the charming person “I love you” 😉

2. Mind,Body & Soul : Take care of you Mind,body & soul.Make time from your busy schedule for the fitness of your body, go to gym or just a long walk in the woods daily.Practice silence & meditation for the balance of mind so that you can get relief from the stress & anxiety. Do the prayers,chanting & self analysis to purify your soul.

3. Be Kind-hearted: Fill your heart with love & kindness.Whenever possible do good to others.Try to make people smile, it costs nothing but will make you and the other person happy and calm.

4. Give time to your family & friends: These people are actually our life pillars.No matter what situations we are into .In the ups n downs of the life these people are always there for us to support us to share our sorrows to cherish our happiness. Make time for your family your friends ,plan a trip with your family, call your friends for the weekend get together and notice your own smile while being with them 🙂

5. Caring & Sharing : Its better to open your heart in the front of your loved ones with tears rather than to get it opened at the operation table with scissors .Speak out what is bothering you with a close friend ,share your thoughts & feelings to your close ones,ask for their suggestions.On the other hand care for the people around you,give them an ear,try to help them.This will make you feel lighter as well as will make your bond even stronger with your people.

6. Forgiveness : Forgive people for the past hurts,betrayals, breakups etc and move on because forgiveness is not for them it is for us,for our peace of mind.As soon as we forgive them we will be free from the grudges, resentment & pain associated with them.You don’t have to call them and say “Hey I forgive you” but just close your eyes,make the statement within ,take a deep breath then slowly open your eyes and you are free 🙂

7. Positivity: Train your mind to stay positive in every situation. Sometimes Life gives us a rollercoaster ride and we lost our senses to think balanced. But this is the actual time when you need to think positively about the situation because time is ever changing . Eventually the situation will change with the passage of time.So hang on ,learn the lesson from the experience you are going through and maintain your positivity.

8. Gratitude: Make gratitude a habit,Yes and trust me it’s a good one.Express your gratitude towards God as he is always with you to help to protect to guide and to deliver what is best for you.Apart from that a simple n sweet Thank you to the people who are serving you,doing your given work with hardwork,giving you their precious time and suggestions ,loving you,taking care of you will not only make them smile but also this will increase your value in their eyes .The more you are thankful to God the more he will give you opportunities to be thankful.

I hope this will help in making you a better,loving and happier person 🙂 God Bless !

Faith n Love



Author: rjfaithnlove

Hi. I am a simple & unique person like you. Not an expert but can give you a friendly suggestion so that you can face and overcome your day-to-day problems, and live a positive joyful life. You can mail me at my mail ID: Whenever I get time I will respond. God bless !

18 thoughts on “Make time for Yourself & The Nears n Dears …”

  1. Great insights! Love what you had to say in this post! My Pastor always says you can have things as long as things don’t have you. Great reminder to keep life in perspective which can be so hard in a culture focused on status!

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