Love & Heartbreak

Hello Everyone.

So your heart is broken ,brutally broken! We all face this in our life time.Once ,twice or more than that but that’s not the end of the road and you are not alone.Trust me πŸ™‚

I know you must be thinking that no one can understand ,my situation is different, only I can feel the pain,no one cares,everyone out there is fake and etc etc.

Yes your story is different, everyone’s story is unique and can’t be compared. But pain is same.Heart hurts the same way.It’s worst than the physical pain. Everything has shattered which was so beautiful once, All the moments,promises,dreams,plans are now just memories.. Painful memories.

You are confused,sad,in chaos,broken,shattered,out of your mind,sleepless, breathless,half dead and so on…you don’t want to do anything because you don’t have the strength. You just want to stay in your room with switched off phone so that no one can disturb you or can talk to you.You want to throw away everything, want to scream,break things or want to just get lost somewhere.

You are not alone ,yes someone has treated you like shit, taken you for granted,betrayed you,humiliate you,dumped you for other person or their selfish reasons,knowingly or unknowingly but you still are not alone. Look around you,you have friends right,Family, your pet,your admirers, your colleagues etc and you think nobody is there still a person is with you everytime and it is…..YOU

The heartbreak is new or older ,first or fifth this one person is always with you.So why don’t you love this pal of yours.

I know you don’t have any strength to do or infact think of anything right now but trust me everything will be fine with the time if you starts loving yourself because no one in this World can make you happy but you.Some people are temporary, few are long lasting in our life but we are responsible and capable to make ourself happy and at peace at the end of the day. If you can’t love yourself then who else will love you,if you don’t respect yourself then why would others??? There is no benefit of begging,calling them,asking for the last chance.It’s over. Believe it.

I am going to mention few challenges for you,yes I said challenges because at this very moment you are having a weakheart and pain so little things must be looking like mountains which are impossible to cross but if you will complete it ,Peace and happiness are the guaranteed rewards .So here they are :

1 . Cry & Scream:It’s over nomatter what promises you had or what were the future plans with that is OVER.Accept it. Yes you have all the rights to cry and shout at the top of your voice. Go to your room close it or go to some safe but lonely place and cry hard,get on your knees and scream like hell.Vent out the stuck anger and pain within you.Crying is not at all shameful my friend only kind and brave hearts can cry .It will give you immense relief and you will feel lighter.

2 . Take the shoulder of a Friend: Gather your support system, your close friend or friends .Call them, meet them and tell everything you are feeling,the past and the future scenario. Say everything creating rollercoaster in your mind and heart just say it. They will give you an ear will support you and will try to make you feel better.I know you don’t feel like but plan a weekend or few day holiday trip with your friends.

3 . Give yourself time: Time is a good healer and that’s true. Breakup can be sudden but it will take time to get everything normal again .At this very moment you are full of anger,hurt,anxiety,depression but it will go trust me it will go eventually.So try to relax and have faith that sooner or later things will be okay.

4 . Pamper yourself: You must be pampering others till now for the sake of love and bla bla but now it’s time to pamper yourself, I know it’s hard but not impossible. Take care of yourself first.Go to some spa, Get a nice haircut or a new tattoo,eat your favourite food,visit your favourite place,do some shopping for you and don’t worry after all your money is just yours now πŸ˜‰

5 . Exercise : Hit the gym,dance,zumba,aerobics,yoga or simply go for morning walk daily.Just get out of your comfort zone,your bed,and your wet pillow just get rid of it. Go have fresh air in the morning , tone up your self  and this should be for you and not just to show your ex.Look your best and you never know which eye with a good heart is staring at you & waiting to be yours πŸ˜‰

6 . Meditation : Meditation is very useful to calm & relax our mind and soul.It helps in calming your stressed nerves and anxiety issues.A simple meditation form can be deep breathing.Go in nature spend some time in woods, watch the trees,feel the fresh air,listen to the chirping of the birds,remain silent for few minutes and meditate daily for 15 to 30 min minimum .

7 . Get a hobby class : I am not saying just give up you school or work and take a full time course .I know you must not be liking anything new but hey where is your old guitar,piano or your baseball bat or the colours you have purchased to paint but not used it. It’s the time infact high time to persue your hobbies .Join your fav dance class,swimming,gaming,writing or whatever you like.This will not only cheer you up but also will give you joy and motivation to proceed in life with happiness.

8 . Focus on success: Success is not a one day game it needs patience and hardwork.Since you are having no one right now to give most of your day time In chit chat or phone calls .you can totattly focus on your financial and official growth.Think about how to start or grow your business ,different opportunities in your field or if you are employed,Get Engaged more in official tasks and presentations.This will boost up your morale and also you will be in the good books of your bosses.Surely you will get less time to think of useless and painful things and bright chances of promotion πŸ™‚

9. Time for family and friends : Get back to life.All the time you were giving to a person when you are into a relation is now saved. Spend time with your family and friends because they are the people who are always there with you in good and bad time.The more you get involved with them the more you will feel good and rejoiced.

10. Pray & Have Faith : Have faith .That is the most powerful tool in this world to overcome all the hurdles and miseries you are having ,yes heartbreak too. Have faith in your God. Pray to god daily .I am not saying for hours and hours just few minutes with a deep connection will be enough.Trsu him He is doing the best .We may not consider it right at this very moment because we hate that our lover has gone away for Any damn reason and God is doing injustice, but trust me he never takes away anything without a plan to give you much better the next time .

So these are the challenges you have to take up and you will see that you will become a much better and happy person while progressing this way.
I hope this will help you in healing your heart and overcoming the pain.

Thanks for Reading

Love n Faith


Author: rjfaithnlove

Hi. I am a simple & unique person like you. Not an expert but can give you a friendly suggestion so that you can face and overcome your day-to-day problems, and live a positive joyful life. You can mail me at my mail ID: Whenever I get time I will respond. God bless !

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  1. Yaa right said… U r special and will be special for someone just be with them…


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